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Mar 6, 2011 05:07 PM

Hot Cider donuts at Somerville Winter Farmers Market,

The great cider donuts that a Cape Cod Bakery has been shlepping in every Saturday Morning are now being made on the premisis.

These are great donuts. I walk over every Saturday, by one for me and one for the wife and another for me, skip home and have a cup of coffee and a real good donut. Sometimes I evan pick up some veggies.

Doors open at 10 AM every Saturday.

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  1. So glad you posted about these. My friend and I had a delicious pour over coffee (I see the light tatsu!) and a cider donut fresh and hot out of the fryer on Saturday. Man, those things are great. All Farmer's Markets should have comfy couches!

    But I also have to say how lovely the whole market is... I am kicking myself for not having gotten over sooner. This week they had:

    - fresh cheeses (both mozzarella and some hard cheeses like Tomme)
    - baked goods (Hi-Rise and other bakeries, including a JP business that makes an amazing avocado tea bread, forget the name)
    - meats (I got some Stillman's lamb)
    - two fish vendors (very fairly priced, no one wants to take home fish at the end of the day so they move it)
    - great veg (including chiogga beets that are beautiful!)
    - a jug band (!!!)

    I loved my visit to the Armory, with all the neighbors walking up Highland Ave. It goes for three more weeks, and I'm planning to hit it every time. See you there!