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Mar 6, 2011 04:26 PM

New Favourite Bakery!! Beyond Bread 4th & Alma Vancouver

Time for a new thread about the former Transylvanian Peasant Bread-left behind is the homey peasant chic look-this operation is All About The Bread @ it's new digs 3686 W4th Ave.

Even in the past few weeks I've seen crowds growing and growing and production is carefully being ramped up.

In truth I've been so pleased with the light Rye rolls and the Baguettes that I haven't tried anything else-today I walked by and someone was eating soup-who knew?

I supposed Croissants should next next on the list if I can get there early enough.

Have you been yet?

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  1. Was there last week with the mater. Not sure if I had the same rolls as you but they were very good, with a lovely crust I haven't encountered on a bun for many a long day (they have baguettes now made of the same dough). He's now doing 1-lb size breads as sort of a less commitment required approach for the new neighbourhood which I think is rather brilliant. I have one in my freezer but haven't tried it yet. Great corner now with La Ghianda so nearby.

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    1. re: grayelf

      Just finished a baguette-Yes it's the same dough as the rolls (which they were out) of but the crust is a bit crunchier in the long format.

    2. I've been meaning to get over there, I loved Transylvanian Peasant Bread. Does anyone know the opening hours?

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      1. I finally made it over there last week (and today) and it might even better than I remember. And the baguette! I'm slightly ashamed to admit I finished that in one day. Good thing it's not too cheap or this could be dangerous.

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          Made it in fairly late in the day last week and bought a small version of the ultradense sprouted wheat loaf he was so well known for at Trans, despite the oven change it is basically the same bread.
          Be interesting to see what he does once his in-house milling system is up and running.

          I had to laugh (a bit sadly) when one of the staff told me that he went back to the old Transylvania location and destroyed the wood fired oven so that no one else could bake bread out of it....his prerogative I guess but still a shame to see one more wood fired oven gone on the West Side. (The one before that was the big Spanish built one that Feenie had ripped out of the old Ecco/Bolletto to make more room for a few tables).

          1. re: eatrustic

            I heard that he was getting so much grief from the city about using the oven that it was no longer worth his while. I rather doubt anyone else would have tried to use the oven if that was the case. Maybe he wanted to salvage the bricks :-).

        2. I find a slight different in the crust, compared to the wood-fired version, but its still darn good bread. I think he orders in the croissants, so haven't bothered to try them yet.