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Mar 6, 2011 04:02 PM

Guy Savoy - anyone know if €100 lunch menu still available?

Will be visiting Paris for the first time this June and was wondering if anyone here might know if Guy Savoy is still offering their €100 menu Lunch Special Discovery Menu? A search on the forums here turned up confirmation of their lunch menu in late 2010, but I havn't seen any more posts about it this year so far. I emailed their reservations and have not heard back from them; unfortunately I don't think my French is good enough to carry on a conversation so I'm a bit hesitant to call....

Barring that, we would consider Guy Savoy for dinner instead, but we're planning on doing Le Cinq for lunch the next day and are worried that back-to-back highend meals like that might be a bit overwhelming...

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  1. At last report the 100 euro lunch is available but no longer on line. When you call for res, and they speak excellent English, request the special. Just to note , due to the excellence of their expensive wine list and the ease of ordering their fine wines, my 100 euro special for two came out to 610 euros so be careful.

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      I agree with the above on the wine list. Wines by the glass start at 25E; same for the house Champagne and apertives.

    2. You can book online, but it is now 110 euros and only available to "web surfers". The extra 10 euros is probably to help pay for the movie you get with the home page. An entertainment in itself LOL

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        Ah you're right, thanks for the info! I just got an email reply from their reservation desk confirming the 110 euros pricing...

      2. Was able to cpnfirm a lunch menu reservation by email for June - thanks for everyone 's help!