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Super hot white horseradish

anyone know where the horseradish in the link below can be obtained in Brooklyn or Queens


It;s called Fresh white Horseradish manufactured by Silver Spring food of Wisconsin (Silver spring makes several horseradishes)

They sell it in Publix in Florida. It's the hottest commercial horseradish I've ever tasted

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  1. Looks like they don;t retail much, broker a case! Sure you have friends or folks in your community who would love to chip in and buy a case?

    Course there is always the lifetime experience of grating your own fresh.

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      I've experienced grating my own, theirs was still hotter than mine. I was hoping to buy a couple of bottles and use them before Pesach. it had an O-U but not a P

    2. Hotter than Kelchner's ?, will give it a try

      1. That horseradish is one of the things I miss about living in Florida. Even the Tuv Taam "Triple Strong" doesn't compare.

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          Actually, though it seems counter-intuitive to me, Tuv Taam's Extra Strong is stronger than their Triple Strong. I have no basis of comparison with the horseradish being discussed here, but if you're buying Tuv Taam and want their strongest, go with Extra and not Triple.

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            Interesting, never thought to do that. I'll have to check it out.

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              I've meant to comment on this post for awhile but don't exactly eat horseradish when I can post to Chowhound. ;)

              Anyhow, I tried the Extra Strong, and I don't agree that it's stronger than Triple Strong. As much as I'd like to convince myself that that's the case, for me, it's definitely not. It's milder, not by an extreme amount, but you can taste the difference.

              That said, I get a better kick from Gold's "Mild" Horseradish Sauce. However, that's not what I'm looking for here...

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                Maybe it's dependent on the specific jars. I was remembering this thread when shopping recently to replace a finished jar of horseradish, so I bought two: one Extra Strong and one Triple Strong. We opened them both for the first time at Friday night dinner this shabbos, and did a blind taste test. The Extra was far stronger than the Triple, at least in the case of these two jars; it wasn't even close.

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                  I bought the Trader Joe's white horseraddish a few weeks ago. Not bad. Still didn't come close to the Silverspring's white

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                    We had the same experience - Extra is stronger than Triple, though we didn't taste them side by side.

            2. Just saying, but horseradish is. Grated horseradish is just that. So if you feel some brand is "stronger" and especially a brand has "grades" of strongness, might ask yourself what are they leaving out or what something else are they adding in?

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                I have no idea what your comment means, especially the first sentence. Are you implying they are adding something not listed on their ingredient list? These jars of horseradish are actually NOT just horseradish; they do have other ingredients. Your comment seems to imply some nefarious plot.

              2. have you tried Atomic Extra Hot Horseradish? i just checked my jar and it's Kosher (OU certified).

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                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  no I haven't tried Atomic, where in Brooklyn or Queens NY is it sold?

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                    Atomic is good, hot horseradish, but it really isn't that at all. In fact, there is more grated parsnip in it than there is horseradish. It takes the potent material of the horseradish, possibly even artificial, and adds it to the mixture to gain hotness (could be the peroxidase that horeradish is known as a source for, but I don't actually know whether that is what they add). In fact, I believe that Silver Spring does the same thing with their extra-hot, and maybe they all do (with or without parsnip). In any case, most of these super-hot horseradishes are available for Pesach. Me, I would prefer a natural concoction of horseradish, but I use the Atomic because I love the kick.

                    1. re: ganeden

                      @ganeden, yeah, i know it's not pure horseradish, but as you said, neither is Silver Spring, which is why i thought the OP might be interested. as far as "prepared" horseradish goes it's the hottest i've found...but of course grating it fresh yourself would be the only way to get very hot, pure horseradish.

                      @berel, contact the company to find out where you can get it back East (i'll provide a link). i never looked for it when i lived there because i didnt discover it until i moved out here to CA! at the very least i know you can buy it on Amazon.


                  2. I am pretty sure I have seen their Mustards and Horseradishes in the New York area, probably not Brooklyn or Queens, but in suburbs NJ- Wegmans, or maybe Stop Shop in Staten Island. Did you try the web site link that shows locations?


                    I know I have their mustard at home.

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                      I've definitely seen the horseradish mustard in multiple Wegman's location in NJ. They may be able to order it if there's a demand..

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                        I'm going to wait till after Pesach and order a case. I should have no trouble finding other horseradish lovers to split the case with

                    2. On your say-so, just bought a jar in Florida at a Publix, yes very hot, but seems an even trade for Kelchmer's

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                        ok, but I've never seen Kelchmer's in any of my "travels".

                      2. Horseradish lovers, try the Shoprite brand white or red horseradish! So purely horseradish, and finely cut, and so hot!

                        1. We just tried BaTampte for the first time and were blown away. Literally I am using it to clear my sinuses this allergy season with justa pinch. It really tastes like fresh. Plus who couldn't love a company run by the fourth generation of the original lower east side pickle stand owners?

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                            i'm so glad you said this. out here in So Cal, Ba-Tampte is the closest we can get to the pickles i grew up eating back East, but i've never bothered trying their horseradish even though i see it in the refrigerated case all the time. the Atomic has been disappointing me lately, so i'm going to pick up a jar of B-T and give it a whirl.

                            1. re: Bride of the Juggler

                              I've had the Batempe's, The Gold's, the Shoprite brand, the brand from Toronto who's name escapes me, none of them come close the the Silverspring white horesradish

                              1. re: berel

                                Just bought and tried trader Joe's Horseradish, and the bottle looks exactly the same. Trader Joe's beat Silver Sprong in heat and taste. And no artificial flavors!!