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Mar 6, 2011 03:14 PM

Looks like Chateau Orleans is closed :(

there phone is disconnected and a closed sign on the website.
They had the best Sunday buffet

Chateau Orleans
926 Turquoise St Ste H, San Diego, CA 92109

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  1. OH NO! They've been there for EVER.

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    1. re: bizzwriter

      I'm sorry to hear that, I have fond memories of CO. That nook of north PB is a tough one for shops and restaurants. Whenever I hear of a business closing, I think of the employees who are now faced with unemployment.

      1. re: globocity


        I think of the owners who likely lost their life savings and are personally bankrupt.

        1. re: Fake Name

          Yes of course. I didn't mean to exclude the owners in my sympathetic thoughts.

          1. re: globocity

            Anyone remember when that location housed Gustaf Anders?..they drew big crowds from La Jolla....then they moved to La Jolla shores and lost their shirt..

            1. re: plantman

              Gustaf Anders -- now there's a name I had long ago forgotten.

              1. re: bizzwriter

                I actually worked there circa 1980...after they moved Doug Organ opened a short lived place, name I don't recall, in that location before he was involved in the Wine Seller/ Brasserie...But I think Chateau Orleans was open from 1985 or so...a long run and indeed sad to hear they are gone...

                Chateau Orleans
                926 Turquoise St Ste H, San Diego, CA 92109

              2. re: plantman

                Gustaf Anders moved from La Jolla to South Coast Plaza Village because the Segerstrom family made all kinds of promises to them.

                The restaurant and food was fabulous. ( Scandinavian design--zinc-topped bar, Aquavit martinis, Caviar and blinis, Champagne and Smorgasbord)

                Unfortunately, the OC middle-crust did not understand the concept of well- executed-food-minimalism.

                RIP, Gustaf Anders: