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Ogenki Ramen to open on Main St in mid-March

Kentan Mar 6, 2011 03:14 PM

Not much intel on this - it's supposed to open at 4346 Main St @ E 28th where Ogenki Sushi was. The fact that the name is the same makes me think the ownership isn't changing.

Ogenki Sushi
4342 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V3P9, CA

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  1. grayelf RE: Kentan Mar 6, 2011 04:32 PM

    Drove by yesterday and it appeared to be open -- lights on, Grand Opening sign up?? It is actually next door to Ogenki Sushi which also appears still to be functioning.

    Ogenki Sushi
    4342 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V3P9, CA

    1. starlady RE: Kentan Mar 7, 2011 01:39 PM

      Excited about Ramen on Main st, especially since the Benkei Ramen has shut it's retail side of things down in the E 5th location!

      1. m
        mikeyjrd RE: Kentan Mar 25, 2011 10:39 PM

        here's a review the place:


        sounds pretty average and discouraging, not on par with the Downtown Ramen places...

        the chef is Japanese but the place seems to be owned by Chinese...

        1. e
          eVITAERC RE: Kentan Apr 3, 2011 01:05 AM

          I gotta say I'm quite horrified after seeing their ajitama... it's not supposed to be hard-boiled eggs!

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