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Mar 6, 2011 02:11 PM

Pupusa in Montréal

I will be in Montréal this spring and I want to find the best Pupusas in town. I have learned how to make them from YouTube using Maseca, but I want to try the fresh masa meal version. I am looking for a great pupusa revuelta , with home-made fermented curdito.

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  1. My personal favourite is La Carreta on st zotique. Others will say El Amigo I think its called, just down the street from La Carreta but I say theyre wrong!!! You tell me what you think, I need to try El Amigo again, I just remember hating it there

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    1. re: jay_81k

      I second La Caretta. I used to go to El Amigo but their curdito gave me a headache for some reason. (Something about the way it was fermented, maybe?) La Caretta is cheap and delicious.

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          Two voices for La Carreta....!Vamos!

        2. My personal fav is Los Planes on Bélanger, but La Carreta is very good.

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              I actuallly ask them to cook them a little longer than usual. It gives it this nice crispy crust. I find it a little under otherwise at times.

          1. I also like the pupusas at Zitto e mangia very much. That is a little Italian-Salvadorean café, but we think their Salvadorean dishes tend to be more special than their Italian offerings. They make a pink curtido - probably there is some beet juice involved, as in Lebanese pickled turnip. Their pupusas are tasty and not greasy. It is in the same area as El Amigo and La Carreta, on Clark corner St-Zotique. 6660 Clark. 6660, rue Clark, 514 544-9397

            Their website is down; so do check to make sure they are still open.

            It is a very nice space. BYOW (or beer) and decent espresso and other coffee.

            I've never had any trouble with El Amigo, but haven't been there in a while.

            1. I want to point out a limited time offer on pupusas at La Carreta - they are celebrating their 20th anniversary (my, how time flies)... and they have their pupusas at the nostalgic price of $2 or $2.25 (perhaps up to $2.50?) for TAKEAWAY only.

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              1. re: lagatta

                Isn't that more or less the current price at all the other pupuserias in town?

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  Yes, I'm confused as well because that's what I remember the pupusas costing - at La Caretta itself. ;-)

                2. re: lagatta

                  That's no special. That's the price always. I frequent that restaurant.

                3. I've only had pupusas once before in Los Angeles but I liked them a lot, so I'm excited to try all of these places... I was just biking down Beaubien and saw a tiny place called El Buen Gusto and decided to give it a try. They have three or four kinds of pupusas all for $2.80 including tax - I got a bean and cheese one which was pretty good (although I didn't eat it until I got home, so it might have been better on the spot). The curdito was good, not as sour as I remember it being in LA though. I'm interested to go back to try their fried plantains.