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Mar 6, 2011 12:33 PM

Hummus - Prepackaged / Grocery item

After having enjoyed amazing hummus over the course of several years in London, UK, I returned to Montreal to discover that the hummus selection is pretty poor. I must be looking in the wrong places. I've tried the general selection at Metro and Costco, including various flavours (regular, red pepper, jalapeno). Nothing tastes even remotely decent. I'm a particular fan of spicy Moroccan hummus (if anybody is familiar with the UK's Sainsbury's version, you'll know what I'm talking about), but can't find something comparable that doesn't taste uber-processed. Does anybody have any recommendations? Also, I'm looking for something relatively affordable since I tend to go through a lot of hummus when I find a tasty version.

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  1. The house brand of hummous at Akhavan and Adonis is really good. They each have several locations.

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      i like Akhavan's hummus too. The one in Pierrefonds always has it.

    2. I usually make my own, but the Birkat Hamazon hummus and other products are also very good. They are made by a small Moroccan-Jewish family business, are kosher and gluten free if anyone is interested in those specifics. They have a "spicy" one that is more Moroccan-style aromatic spices than hot spices. I've bought them at PA Supermarket on Parc but they are available at several locations.

      1. I enjoy the one at abu Elias. Way better than the grocery kind.

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          OMG that's so true ! Abu Elias has really good hummus. However, I'm not sure they sell it in bulk for customers? I personally love the Sabra hummus, which Costco used to carry, but has now replaced it with the Fontaine Santé HUMMM brand, which is sooo gross.

          Because I can't find Sabra anywhere near me, I just make my own hummus, which is pretty darn close to the Sabra recipe. The trick: you gotta blend the tahini and lemon juice till it froths first, and then add the chick peas.... :D

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            Sabra is for sure the best, especially the supremely spicy! They have it at the metro on Victoria, the 2 IGA's in CSL and the Loblaws on St Jacques. It's a kosher company so it tends to be in grocery stores that have a kosher section or are in a somewhat Jewish area.

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              A jewish goody that everyone should try !! I'll go to the Loblaws on St-Jacques! thx

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                Look in the kosher section at the back, not with the rest of the dips and spreads.

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              Ditto the abu Elias recommendation! Their baba ganoush is amazing too.

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                Ha, well, I can tell you a brand to stay away from and that's President's Choice (this isn't food snobbery, I am happy to eat this brand with other items) - I bought some of their hummus from the Jean Talon Loblaw's a few weeks ago and it was truly the most disgusting thing. Gluey and extremely sugary/sweet.

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