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Mar 6, 2011 11:40 AM

Good food & Bad restaurant

A question to the church. This comes out of a decsion concerning Restaurant Impossible on another board.

If a restaurant had really great food but;
1- was in a bad area or
2- Didn't have the best service or
3- Didn't have the best appearance

Would you still eat there?

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  1. Sure. if the 'bad' thing wasn't overwhelming, sure. While not alone, for me food is the most important part of a restaurant's profile.

    1. As long as "appearance" didn't include being filthy, I would go to a restaurant that had great food but otherwise problematic....but it would have to be within walking distance of my house.

      1. Sure. Boston Hounds know that Southeast Asian Restaurant in Lowell, MA, has great food and all three of your undesirables. Last time I was there we sat at the window, right below the bullet-hole with the Scotch tape over the glass. Best Pad Thai ever. As for vermin, out of sight, out of mind. But if I see any critters, I won't return.

        1. As long as it is not dirty.

          1. Yes.

            1 - Not like I'm living there.
            2 - So it's a no/low tip. As long as the food gets to the table yummy.
            3 - It just becomes a "casual" place.