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Mar 6, 2011 10:38 AM

The Sunday Buffet @ AT THE TABLE, Asbury Park

Hi has anyone had the Sunday Buffet and if so how was it?

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  1. I am interested also. I was planning to go for the buffet and wonder if anybody's been there.

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      Hi Wench31,

      We did make it to the buffet on a Sunday. The buffet was good for the price. It was kind of a strange situation as they kept running out of things on the buffet. Over all I did like the food and I intend to go again but I will eat off of the regular menu rather than the buffet. I am glad we got to sample different things, the fried chicken (good but I'm sure would be much better made to order) and the fish. The mac and cheese was very good, as were the black eyed peas and collard greens. My cousin was in heaven because she loves lima beans (not a fave of mine) and she said they were fantastic. We asked right away if there was any coconut cake left and the chef said one had just come out of the oven and she would have it ready for our dessert. She came out to talk with us during the meal and we told her we were disappointed not to get any of her famous cornbread and she went back into the kitchen, made a batch and brought them out to us steaming hot and delicious. I am looking forward to returning to The Table but next time I will order off the menu and not have the buffet.

    2. I am so sorry I missed yoiur thread. I just posted a quick review of the buffet in a separate thread.

      The short of it is that I was enamored with all of it. I've loved soul food all my life and this was all good to excellent. I know I will be back soon.