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Where to go maple syrup tapping

Does anyone know a good place within an hour's drive of Toronto where one might tap one's own maple syrup?

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  1. Sounds tasty, but does such a thing exist

    1. The woods?

      lol sorry, I couldn't resist.

      Doubt such a beast exists, not sure how that would work.

      1. Check this out
        It's worth tapping only if you live on a property that has the trees..and have the time.
        It takes 40-50 litres of sap to make 1 litre of syrup...so unless you have a huge truck, the necessary equipment and time to bring it back to the big smoke to boil down, then I'd suggest going to one of the sites noted above and sample/buy the product there.

        1. I find that the Ontario Culinary Alliance website is a great resource for info like this. Here's a link to a tapping event and if you look to the right you'll see info about a festival at the Purple Woods Conservation area.

          Here's the link:

          1. In Quebec, there are some "cabanes a sucre" (sugar shacks) where you can visit the property and see how they tap the trees, boil the syrup etc. I'm sure the same thing exists in Ontario. They may let you tap a tree, but it takes a day or so to fill a little bucket from one tree and then you need about 40 of those buckets to make a small amount of syrup, so I don't see how one could tap a tree and then leave with syrup from that same tree.

            1. You've got most of March for maple syrup season, we just tapped our trees a couple of days ago. You need below zero nights and above zero days for the best sap flow. If you don't have maple trees nearby, I'd recommend finding a sugar bush instead. You really don't want to be transporting a lot of sap for just a little syrup in the end. There are a ton of maple syrup festivals in March. Enjoy!

              1. I think it's to late to sign up for it this year but there is a group in the city called Not Far From The Tree that has a program where you can have trees on your property in the city tapped, they pool this with other people's sap and make syrup and at the end of the season you get a small amount of syrup.


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                  You could always go to the Kortright Center, located somewhere near Wonderland. I dont have all the details but google is your friend. I dont know if you can tap your own, but they have their own trees and they make Maple Syrup the old fashioned way, in a big cauldron over fire. They also do it the modern way. I know you can take tours of the area and try freshly made Syrup, its good fun for the family.

                  Doing it on your own... Not likely. I mean, you can, you would need a lot of equipment. I forgot how much Maple Sap it takes to make the syrup, but I think its something silly like 20 liters makes 1 liter of syrup, so you would need a bunch of buckets and youd have to tap a bunch of trees. Then you would need a pot large enough to boil it all down. Its a lot of work for just a little reward. Might be worth it going to a maple farm(or whatever its called) and just buying their syrup.

                2. Mountsburg near Guelph does it but I don't think you can do it yourself. Fun zoo for the kids as well.

                  1. The sap needs to be collected regularly and processed (boiled down or some freeze it to be boiled later) as soon as possible to get a good result. This requires almost daily attention, equipment and lots of wood.

                    An easier route is to go to one of the many Maple Syrup festivals. There you can see the whole process and enjoy the fruits of their labour. There are MS festivals this weekend in Lakefield and Buckhorn, and next weekend in Hanover and Prince Edward County. Here is an excellent website for Maple Syrup festivals and almost every other event in Ontario :