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Mar 6, 2011 10:28 AM

Where to go maple syrup tapping

Does anyone know a good place within an hour's drive of Toronto where one might tap one's own maple syrup?

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  1. Sounds tasty, but does such a thing exist

    1. The woods?

      lol sorry, I couldn't resist.

      Doubt such a beast exists, not sure how that would work.

      1. Check this out
        It's worth tapping only if you live on a property that has the trees..and have the time.
        It takes 40-50 litres of sap to make 1 litre of unless you have a huge truck, the necessary equipment and time to bring it back to the big smoke to boil down, then I'd suggest going to one of the sites noted above and sample/buy the product there.

        1. I find that the Ontario Culinary Alliance website is a great resource for info like this. Here's a link to a tapping event and if you look to the right you'll see info about a festival at the Purple Woods Conservation area.

          Here's the link:

          1. In Quebec, there are some "cabanes a sucre" (sugar shacks) where you can visit the property and see how they tap the trees, boil the syrup etc. I'm sure the same thing exists in Ontario. They may let you tap a tree, but it takes a day or so to fill a little bucket from one tree and then you need about 40 of those buckets to make a small amount of syrup, so I don't see how one could tap a tree and then leave with syrup from that same tree.