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Mar 6, 2011 10:08 AM

Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg - Brew Pubs (and other casual types)

I've found a few older threads but nothing more recent than 6 months or so for the area. Hoping to see if there's anything interesting in the brew pub style since my husband loves to try out the local brews. Anything else in the casual, relatively inexpensive style recommendations would also be appreciated. Thanks!


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  1. Smoky Mountain Brewery is nice. Their owner has several lines of restaurants and locations in GB/PF. Their BBQ at Calhoun's is excellent and the beer is cold.

    Smoky Mountain Brewery @ 1004 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 865 - 436 - 4200.
    Calhoun's Restaurant @ 1004 Pkwy., Gatlinburg, TN 865 - 436 - 4100.

    Smoky Mountain Brewery & Restaurant
    1004 Parkway Ste 501, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

    1. Kris,

      I do not have any specific recs., but would trust Littleman on his.

      Though it's been way too long, the PF/GB area is not geared for more than "casual/family" dining, but most will be at chains/mini-chains.

      On our first trip to Blackberry Farm, just up the road, I wanted recs. for some "fine-dining" recs. in that area, and was correctly told that there were none. Going back many decades, there were some great locally owned restaurants, though "fine-dining" might have been the wrong descriptor. Still, they did once exist.

      We drove through the area, and were astounded by the choices. If one wants some sort of chain, they are all there, and are there "in spades."

      Casual is in great abundance, but how good any are, is beyond my "pay grade."

      For great food, and not THAT far away, I'd look into the Dancing Bear, which is the sister lodge to Blackberry Farm. It also offers reservations for non-guests, while Blackberry Farm seldom does. It is a bit more "laid back," and gentlemen are not required to wear jackets to dine, like at Blackberry Farm.

      After our highway tours of the area, we have just decided that we will stick with Blackberry Farm, and not leave that property to dine.



      Blackberry Farm
      1471 W Millers Cove Rd, Walland, TN

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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Bill............I discovered the same as you did when I traveled to that area. I would confine my visit to Blackberry or Dancing Bear if I return.

        1. re: Littleman

          I've been to Branson in Missouri and had read some threads on PF/GB so I had a pretty good idea of what our eating options were going to be. It seems to be best that we're probably more interested in good beer than good food! We tend to stick to more casual places when we travel - hate to deal with packing hanging clothes. However, we do like to try something local & original; I don't want to eat somewhere I can easily find here in the STL.

          As long as there's a brewpub, my husband will be happy and we enjoy comparing bbq styles around the country so Smoky Mountain and Calhoun's sound like our kind of places.

          Anything unique or special about Tenn. pizza? I think I should add "eat a pizza in all 50 states" to my bucket list!

          Thanks for the help. I'll report back.

          1. re: kroppinkris

            Even though Calhouns is a local chain I love it. It not fine dining but it is a fun option.I have travelled to PF/ Gatlinburg for many years and although I HAVENT HAD TOP FIVE OF MY LIFE MEALS...i have never
            Make sure you try the side of spinach. I would love to have an order of thier onion rings right now.
            Another nice choice is BullFish in PF

      2. Just a quick report back on our stay in the Smokies.

        We really enjoyed our dinner at the Smoky Mountain Brewery. Very good (and cold!) beers with a nice sampler. We had a difficult time choosing which beers to each get in regular size. We loved the naked wings. We had sides of several sauces and our favorite was the Thunder road although we liked the hot and spicy (but it's not in the Frank's hot sauce, buffalo style) and the ginger soy also. My husband's burger was good. My chicken sandwich as served was a bit blah but fortunately we had plenty of the sauces left over which made it a great sandwich. We went back on our way out to get a 6 pack of beer and a pizza walked by that smelled amazing - would have liked to have tried one.

        We also enjoyed Calhoun's. We had the 3 sampler plate. The ribs were tasty as was the pulled pork. Still trying to figure out why chicken tenders was the third meat - seemed out of place. But - we were able to have the beers we didn't choose the night before so all was well!

        Thanks for the recommendations.

        Smoky Mountain Brewery & Restaurant
        1004 Parkway Ste 501, Gatlinburg, TN 37738