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Mar 6, 2011 09:48 AM

Beach Bars in Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Barbados; please help us drink it all in!

There's six of us in our 60"s (yes, we're cruise ship passengers) and we're not so interested anymore in all the standard sights. We like the beach life and we like to drink and sample local bar chow.

Here's our criteria for each stop:

1. A beachy bar on the sand or with a great view of the water, which is such a locals hangout that

2. We might well be the only cruise tourists there that day and which is

3. Within about a 30 minute cab ride from where our ship docks.

Come on, 'hounds, help out some senior citizens looking to sample some Caribbean flavor while we're still able!

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  1. Tony's Beach Bar on Dickenson Bay in Antigua or Bumpkins on Pidgeon Beach in English Harbour area come to mind.

    1. For Barbados I recommend 'Weisers on the Bay' which is walking distance (though it is easier to jump in a cab especially on an exceptionally hot day) from the Port or Taboo (formerly known as the Boatyard) which is also fairly close to the Port.

      Have a great trip:)

      1. We're in our 60's as well and have been going to St. Kitts for 5 years. We love the island and find its beaches and beach bars to be most relaxing and entertaining as well. You cannot miss having a great time.

        Lion Rock Beach Bar @ Cockleshell Bay
        Shipwreck Bar @ South Friars Beach
        Reggae Beach Bar @ Cockleshell Bay ( a little touristy)
        For something very special and more "high-end", Spice Mill @ Cockleshell Bay

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          LOVED Lion Rock!! Just what we were looking for. Thanks for the suggestion.

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            Jam Rock on South Friar's Bay Beach!! (aka Shipwreck Beach). Close to town (20 min ride or less?), great food, drinks and lovely Jamaican proprietor and vet student bartender. Way more mellow atmosphere than Carambola down the beach, where the cabbies try and steer you and a lot less $$. Carambola does have them some nice seating outside though.....PS we are in our 50's.

          2. Thanks so far--just what we're looking for. Please keep 'em coming!

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