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Chatham Bars Inn

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I was treated to a huge surprise last night. My friend took me to the Joseph Carr Wine Tasting Dinner at CBI. Mind you I had NO idea where were were going until we drove down Main St. in Chatham. When we passed Vinings I knew where we were going. The night was pure magic. It started with a champagne reception and then a 5 course wine dinner. Joe Carr was a great host telling tales and sharing personal antcedotes. The food was perfect..portions small (thank goodness), wine pairings amazing..and my date, phew......best date of my life..honestly.

The first course featured lovely Chatham little necks and a delicious crisp Savignon Blanc. The second course was a lobster risotto with I think white beet ..really nice. The Chardonnay was lovely. The third course was crispy duck confit. I don't typically eat duck but it was nice. It was paired with my favorite wine, a Pinot Noir. The 4th course was tenderloin but I don't eat meat so was served a yummy veggie empanada and a second plate of haddock. The fish was so fresh and flavorful. I loved the empanada as well. They both came with delicious mashed potatoes very rich with a hint of sour cream I think. I skipped the Cab and kept drinking the Pinot Noir. The final course was a berry apple Clafoutis tarte. The crust was chocolate and the berries and fruit light and lovely.

I cannot say enough about how enjoyable this evening was. CBI did a great job. Our wait staff were impeccable.

Chatham Bars Inn
297 Shore Road, Chatham, MA 02633

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      I went to a conference there about 20 years ago. They had a pile of seafood salad at a buffet that was both a work of art and possibly one of the best things I've ever eaten. I still remember that.