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Mar 6, 2011 08:14 AM

Sub-zero ref.-Food preserving.

Hey all,

I need a new fridge.Planing to buy one of the Sub Zero integrated models (all refrigerator).The food preserving is main reason why I thinking about spend extra money to buy a SZ.Is it really possible to preserve the freshness of food much longer in SZ than other regular refrigerators?I heard that food ( vegetables,fruit etc.) can stay fresh in SZ ref at least twice longer compare to other regular it worth the extra money to buy a sub zero refrigerator when it's about food preserving?

Many thanks!!!

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  1. As a Sub-Zero owner I find such claims to be "wishful thinking". No idea where there information came from or how they could possibly test it. A Sub-Zero is a solid and reliable purchase but it's not magical.

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    1. re: ferret

      I have a question. Is Sub-Zero really sub-zero (below zero degree Celsius)? If so, won't that be more like a freezer and not a refrigerator? Or is Sub-Zero just a name and is not really below zero.

      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        Chem Do you mean zero F , that's where the freezer stays on my GE

        1. re: Dave5440

          I was actually thinking zero in Celsius (oC). Zero in oF is about -17oC, and most freezers are -20oC. I suppose they can call their freezer sub-zero (in oF) because it is below that. Yet, most if not all freezers on the market are sub-zero (in oF) too. Maybe the brand name Sub-Zero does not really mean anything.

        2. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Sub-Zero just a name and is not really below zero.
          If you made refrigerators/freezers what better names than "Sub-Zero" or "Frigidaire" ?

          I've seen no claims of below 0 F temperatures for Sub Zero. Their claims seem to be better efficiency using separate compressors for the freezer and refrigerator portion of the units and stronger "seals" to keep them at temperature.

          The suggested temperature for all freezers (in refrigerators) and deep freezers is 0 F or in the case of deep freezers maybe at -2 F. Sub Zero claims the ideal temperature for storing fruits and vegetables is 50 degrees F, so they must have seperate area compartments. Most stuff I've read said all other food should be stored at just above freezing at 35-38 degrees F.

          Now if you're interested in cryogenic freezers, they maintain temperatures as low as
          -150°C. Used for long term storage of blood and tissue samples.

      2. Yes, food produce does stay fresher longer, not sure about twice as long. I have had very good experiences with my Sub Zero's; and I can not wait to install my new one in my new kitchen!!!

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        1. re: JEN10

          "Longer" than what? How many refrigerators have you compared this to? That's the problem I have with these types of claims, they're just anecdotal. I have a Sub-Zero in my kitchen and a brand new low-end Whirlpool in my basement (for overflow). The $400 refrigerator is equally good with produce as the Sub-Zero.

          1. re: ferret

            I would say my experience with produce would put the estimate about 5 days longer in a Sub. As far as refrigerators go I would say I have had several over the years. As a kitchen designer, I can tell you I have seen 20 year old Sub's still kicking it. I had the refrigerator drawers in my last house and stored most of my produce in those babies and it would keep a good long time. I have never timed it as I am always replenishing. When the new kitchen is complete I will make a mental note to be more aware.

        2. Yes I find my produce stays fresher longer. I'm saying it even though my SZ is broken right now waiting for repair. But if it was unrepairable, I would get a new SZ without hesitation.