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Mar 6, 2011 06:52 AM

Where to find an unseasoned cast iron skillet?

I have an old 10-inch skillet that I love but sometimes it's just not big enough. But I cannot find anywhere online to buy a skillet that is NOT pre-seasoned. I'd prefer to season my own.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Google found me this:

    But you're right - unseasoned pans are rare. Mine's from Bed Bath & Beyond.

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    1. re: small h

      This is exactly the same set of three that I bought at Boscov's for $9 (for all 3). Yes, they come unseasoned. These are the pans I use daily; and after 3 years, they're absolutely a pleasure. I also have several Lodge "pre-seasoned" and frankly, they aren't really seasoned, just not "naked." Boscov's no longer sells the set of 3 but I believe they have a set of 2 that are unseasoned and a fraction of the cost of the Bakertowne set.

      1. re: Ambimom

        HI Abimom. I can't find those pans on Boscov's site - they only carry Lodge now and all are pre-seasoned. Better take care of yours!

          1. re: small h

            I meant finding unseasoned cast iron cookware is rare.

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              Oh. Yes. I was surprised to learn how hard to find it was. But I don't do a lot of shopping for cookware, so pretty much anything would surprise me.

      2. even though they say pre-seasoned, they still need seasoning. i buy mine at a restaurant supply place.

        1. Right in Boston, the Hilton Tent City has a fantastic selection of Lodge cast iron. Give them a call to confirm that they have unseasoned available.

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          1. re: smtucker

            Whoops. Responded thinking I was on the Boston board. I suspect that Hilton Tent City will not be a convenient option for you.

            1. re: smtucker

              Coincidentally I do live in Boston, so thanks for the recommendation - I've never heard of the place but will check it out!

              1. re: Valyn

                i get mine at eastern baking supply, near north station -- in boston.

          2. Possibly you can easily find one you like for a good price and re-season as you desire it. What ever they put on it if that is your concern can be cooked off it with high enough heat for long enough time. Put it in / over a hot fire outside all day if a concern, or for a few days. Or maybe BBQ it until enough over done. Just an idea. High heat exposure for a long time will make it look bad and it will be very dry. Then you can season it to start over fresh.

            I like Lodge. They are available at many retailers including BI-MART here in Oregon. When get one find it needs to be seasoned first thing to work right. About a year ago when bought a Lodge 12" cast iron frying pan and it was $19.99. The Lodge Cast Iron Cookware website has instructions on re-seasoning cast iron pans at:

            Or re-seasoning can be done any special way desired once the pan is cooked dry using enough heat and time. With Teflon going away in 2015 because of the EPA ban, knowing how to season and re-season cast iron is a useful skill many of us may find ourselves doing more often.

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            1. re: smaki

              Starting over is a great idea.

            2. I found all four of mine second hand at "antique" stores. Three of them had been stripped and one required major scouring down. By all means check ebay, but beware of receiving a skillet that is not completely flat on the bottom. (Watch out for that whenever you encounter a used iron skillet.) If you have older relatives, you might ask them for an old out of service skillet. You just might get one for free.