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Mar 6, 2011 06:51 AM


I am looking for some great ones and need some guidance. Also post locations and roundup info.

Favorites so far:

Slow Food

I recently went to a roundup on 64th Street and Biscayne Bay (Miami side) now I forget whether it was a Tuesday, or a Thursday. The other one of the two nights I've mixed up is up at Johnson and Wales and supposed to have double (30) the trucks. Yesterday, I saw many I had never seen at Carnaval on the Mile. La Camaronera has one, Sir Pizza has one, Red Koi has one...There is a freaking invasion of mobile cuisine going on down here. Now it's time to sort the wheat from the shaft...HELP!!!

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  1. This guy maintains a list of all the food trucks in Miami, where they are located and if they are operating at the moment.

    Hope it helps!

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      Excellent advice! Burger Beast really is the authority on food trucks in South Florida. Every Monday night at the Hollywood Circle curated by BB himself. Also check out magic city casino on the third Saturdays for his truck Roundup. I just met with him at his soon-to-be burger museum by appointment only…

    2. My personal favorites ->

      gastroPod - really 2-3 steps above the usual food truck stuff. Old Dirt Dawg w "Stupid Slaw," short rib slider, Chinito Cubano, banh mi taco are some of my favorites.

      Dim Ssam a Gogo - Sakaya Kitchen's truck. Excellent stuff. Pork belly buns, crackling duck sandwich, bulgogi burger, brussels sprouts, Korean fried chicken wings, spicy tater tots ... I could keep going.

      Latin Burger & Taco - one of the first, still one of the best burgers, sort of frita-style with some chorizo in the grind, and topped with Oaxaca cheese and caramelized onions.

      Jefe's Original - really good Ensenada style fish tacos - crispy fried fish, fresh cabbage slaw, pico de gallo, crema drizzle.

      Fishbox - truck from the folks who run La Camaronera on 8th Street - the minuta is a great, fresh fried fish sandwich - get it the way they like to serve it, with chopped onion and ketchup (and add a squirt of hot sauce). If they have them, I like the bollitos (black eyed pea fritters).

      MexZican - I like their tortas, nice crusty sandwich with choice of meat (I liked the carnitas), with a shmear of refried beans, guacamole, oaxaca cheese, lettuce, tomato, rajas.

      Sugar Rush - I'm not big on sweets and find the whole cupcake craze annoying, but I confess to enjoying their little mini-cupcakes, in a bunch of different flavors.

      There are others I've tried and been less excited by, and there are still many others I've not yet tried. The Burger Beast page linked to above is a great resource. I've also got a twitter list of local food trucks you can check:

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        Ive ordered from the Mexzican and it took 45 minutes for a taco...none of the staff wears gloves...gross!

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          Excellent rundown Senor Frod. THX!

        2. There are many trucks serving mediocre food but I feel the best ones food wise and service wise are:

          Gastropod, Dim Ssam a Gogo and Ms. Cheezious

          There food isn't all fried and tastes fresh all the time

          1. Cheeze Me is very good, and Ms Cheezious is good too.

            Montaco is pretty good, the closest I've found thus far to a good authentic-tasting truck taco, still has some gourmet touches but nothing that ruins it. They have a pretty strong bacon-wrapped hot dog, which I've not found anywhere else in my three years here in south Florida. On the whole, I wish they offered a hotter hot sauce.

            Dim SSam a GoGo is tasty, the kalbi tacos are made with high quality rib meat, I have had four or five different items from this truck.

            Jefe's basic Ensenada fish taco is very good, but they were out of hot salsa the night I ordered.

            I'm told the lobster sandwich on Fishbox is excellent.

            1. Listings of Miami food trucks and their locations day by day.