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I am looking for some great ones and need some guidance. Also post locations and roundup info.

Favorites so far:

Slow Food

I recently went to a roundup on 64th Street and Biscayne Bay (Miami side) now I forget whether it was a Tuesday, or a Thursday. The other one of the two nights I've mixed up is up at Johnson and Wales and supposed to have double (30) the trucks. Yesterday, I saw many I had never seen at Carnaval on the Mile. La Camaronera has one, Sir Pizza has one, Red Koi has one...There is a freaking invasion of mobile cuisine going on down here. Now it's time to sort the wheat from the shaft...HELP!!!

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  1. This guy maintains a list of all the food trucks in Miami, where they are located and if they are operating at the moment.


    Hope it helps!

    1. My personal favorites ->

      gastroPod - really 2-3 steps above the usual food truck stuff. Old Dirt Dawg w "Stupid Slaw," short rib slider, Chinito Cubano, banh mi taco are some of my favorites.

      Dim Ssam a Gogo - Sakaya Kitchen's truck. Excellent stuff. Pork belly buns, crackling duck sandwich, bulgogi burger, brussels sprouts, Korean fried chicken wings, spicy tater tots ... I could keep going.

      Latin Burger & Taco - one of the first, still one of the best burgers, sort of frita-style with some chorizo in the grind, and topped with Oaxaca cheese and caramelized onions.

      Jefe's Original - really good Ensenada style fish tacos - crispy fried fish, fresh cabbage slaw, pico de gallo, crema drizzle.

      Fishbox - truck from the folks who run La Camaronera on 8th Street - the minuta is a great, fresh fried fish sandwich - get it the way they like to serve it, with chopped onion and ketchup (and add a squirt of hot sauce). If they have them, I like the bollitos (black eyed pea fritters).

      MexZican - I like their tortas, nice crusty sandwich with choice of meat (I liked the carnitas), with a shmear of refried beans, guacamole, oaxaca cheese, lettuce, tomato, rajas.

      Sugar Rush - I'm not big on sweets and find the whole cupcake craze annoying, but I confess to enjoying their little mini-cupcakes, in a bunch of different flavors.

      There are others I've tried and been less excited by, and there are still many others I've not yet tried. The Burger Beast page linked to above is a great resource. I've also got a twitter list of local food trucks you can check:


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        Ive ordered from the Mexzican and it took 45 minutes for a taco...none of the staff wears gloves...gross!

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          Excellent rundown Senor Frod. THX!

        2. There are many trucks serving mediocre food but I feel the best ones food wise and service wise are:

          Gastropod, Dim Ssam a Gogo and Ms. Cheezious

          There food isn't all fried and tastes fresh all the time

          1. Cheeze Me is very good, and Ms Cheezious is good too.

            Montaco is pretty good, the closest I've found thus far to a good authentic-tasting truck taco, still has some gourmet touches but nothing that ruins it. They have a pretty strong bacon-wrapped hot dog, which I've not found anywhere else in my three years here in south Florida. On the whole, I wish they offered a hotter hot sauce.

            Dim SSam a GoGo is tasty, the kalbi tacos are made with high quality rib meat, I have had four or five different items from this truck.

            Jefe's basic Ensenada fish taco is very good, but they were out of hot salsa the night I ordered.

            I'm told the lobster sandwich on Fishbox is excellent.

            1. Listings of Miami food trucks and their locations day by day.


              1. You have to Stop by Rolling Stove for their Burger, or their Jerk Chicken....my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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                  I went to the Rolling Stove and got sucked in by their "Dr. Pepper Jerk Brisket Sandwich". It was $11 and I was disappointed. Short on meat, heavy on the over-mayo'd slaw which hid the taste of the meat.

                2. I had some excellent chow from Gastropod the other day at the Grovetoberfest. Short Rib Sliders and a Porkaletta Cuban Sammy. Both were solid...seemed a little pricy coming from a food truck at 10 & 9 respectively (given the portion sizes 2 sliders and what appeared to be a 1/2 a Cuban cut into slivers).

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                    Best so far Nacho Bizness, Giuseppe's Italian Sausage and Dim Ssang a go go.

                    Next to try the slow food truck.

                    Biggest disappointment Jefe's fish Taco ( small dry tasteless almost nothing to it!)

                    Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant
                    6390 W Indiantown Rd Ste 59, Jupiter, FL 33458

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                      Riiiight! I was not impressed with Jefe's. I had heard good things, but frankly the local wanna be Mexy joints were head and heels above ole Jefe's.

                  2. Though they aren't technically a food... The drinks and teas here are delicious!

                    Www.bobastation.com try the Original Taro Tea

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                      There were a lot of new ones at the 2nd Saturday Wynwood Artwalk! nacho Mamma's & Nacho Bizness come to mind...I saw Greek, Argentine, Italian, Pardos Peruvian...it's endless. Which are the good ones??

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                        Sakaya Kitchen/Dssam a gogo and Rolling Stove. The rest are average at best and they are all overpriced.

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                          Thanks Dan! I've been to Sakaya and it's good. What do U recommend at the Rolling Stove?

                          1. re: netmover

                            I haven't had Rolling Stove in awhile. Kind of lost interest in the food truck roundups, but I did have a a great jerk brisket sandwich or something like that there. I know he changes the sandwiches up often

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                              Really, you can't go wrong with the Stove Burger. The owner uses the same meat they use at Charm City Burgers but with the addition of ground bacon in the patty. He cooks it to a crisp on a super hot skillet, so it forms a great crust, and serves it on a bun toasted on the inside with fried onions and Wisconsin cheese sauce. Definitely a winning burger.

                              Also check out his Cap'N Crunch chicken tenders.

                              One truck rarely spoken about is La Camonera, but it's hands down my favorite. The minuta should be the official sandwich of Miami. Fresh snapper, fried perfectly; slight hint of cumin and garlic in the batter; fresh, sweet, pliant roll; simply dressed with chopped onions and ketchup. Sometimes, the simple things are the best.

                              1. re: johnmlinn

                                Question: if a burger uses bacon in the grind, can it be cooked medium rare and still cook the bacon through? Med rare is usually 130-140°F. Pork, per the latest guidelines, is supposed to be cooked to 145°F.

                                I am a big fan of the Fish Box truck (that's what La Camaronera calls their truck - they make an excellent fried fish sandwich. Hit it with the hot sauce they keep on the ledge too.

                                1. re: Frodnesor

                                  Bacon is cured through salt, nitrates, and smoke. It does not need to be cooked.
                                  My grandmother used to snack on a strip straight from the deli paper.

                                  1. re: chefjeremiah

                                    I guess I should have thought of that - I've eaten more than my fair share of cured pork products that have never been "cooked".

                                2. re: johnmlinn

                                  Wow that burger sounds awesome! That is a good question brought to you by The Frodnesor...they must precook the bacon? Anyway it sounds divine.

                                  Lotta Luv for La Camaronera Minuta. I can remember standing in their joint 20 years ago mackin those Minutas shoulder to shoulder with my compadres cubanos. Thank GOD they went mobile!

                                  I just saw a Venezuelan Truck on the street now called Chamos. These trucks are coming out of the wood works! Separating the wheat from the shaft is our mission on this thread. We need all hands on deck for this blossoming segment of the foodie frontier.

                                  1. re: netmover

                                    Actually, I asked the same question -- Troy (the owner) cooks the burgers medium to medium-well, so there's little to no pink inside. Ordinarily, I'd be skeptical of this method, especially since the patty is about 1/2 inch thick. But believe me: the burger stays plenty juicy, owing to that bacon fat.

                                    @net: Separating wheat from the chaff is right. The market's been flooded with poor trucks doing sub par or pre-made food from the likes of Sysco. I don't usually go to the meet ups and longer unless I have a particular craving for Stove, Dim Ssam, or La Cam and I know one of them will be there.

                                    1. re: netmover

                                      At Los Chamos, get the Poutine with the shredded beef on it. Ridiculously good. The spiced beef goes perfectly with the peppery gravy and the cheese curds. Poutine is a strange thing to see on the menu for a Venezuelan food truck. Since it doesn't really fit with the rest of the menu, I figured it must be so good that they had to put it on there.

                                      The other stuff (arepas and empanadas) are pretty good and hearty, but nowhere near as good as the poutine.

                            2. re: netmover

                              Naco Bizness is the best. Surprised to see them so far South

                          2. Just wanted to post a note here that there will be food trucks again this year at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden during their annual Garden Tour March 17. The Garden has been renovated since last year, so it should be interesting to see how they set it up.

                            Here's the info from their web-site:

                            March 17 only, from 11AM to 4PM, Food Trucks sell fast and tasty lunches at our Garden.
                            * Latin Burger
                            * The Fish Box
                            * Gastropod
                            * Sugar YummyMama

                            Admission to the Garden is free throughout the day: sample the Food Trucks and find treasures at the Gems & Junque sale, orchids, plants, books, souvenirs, and jewelry.

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                            1. re: onthelam

                              Thanks! Those are 4 good enterprises to have at an awesome venue.

                            2. Really wish this post would get some love by you all! It's so overwhelming to traipse through the throngs of trucks at Wynwood Art Walk. Give me your Top 3 please...thanks!

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                                I try a little something different every time I go but these 3 consistently remain at the top of my list...

                                Gastro Pod - http://gastropodmiami.com/

                                Nacho Bizness - http://www.nachobizness.com/

                                The Rolling Stove - http://www.therollingstove.com/

                                1. Here is a great calendar listing all of the upcoming events...


                                  1. Here's a 2014 list, since a lot of those mentioned on this thread are no longer in business or have moved on to brick-and-mortars. http://www.yelp.com/list/miami-food-t...

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                                    1. re: mybunnygoboom

                                      Thanks for the updates. I also noticed that now there's three main weekly food truck rallies - Haulover, Hollywood Young Circle, and Plantation. Anyone know which one of these three weekly setups are the largest or the best? Would be helpful to pick an impressive one to bring newbies to.

                                      1. re: mialebven

                                        Definitely Hollywood Young Circle park out of the 3 you mentioned.

                                        1. re: mialebven

                                          I saw a sign posted in Greynolds park saying there will be food trucks at Oleta State Park (163rd street, east of US1) on Tuesdays, but I have no other details or information after a google search.