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Mar 6, 2011 05:22 AM

D'Jeet ~ Overpriced and now poor food quality!

This use to be a place I really enjoyed going to. I always thought the food was so fresh and wonderful. I liked it better than Mumford's. Now, that has changed.

Fist off, I know their prices were always a little high. I don't mind paying that for fresh items. It seems now since they combined the lunch and dinner menu together, all the prices went way up. (Bad time in the economy to raise prices that high!) (The man next to us ordered the spaghetti was a huge plate and a little dollop of spaghetti and meat sauce..all for $ 18.00. I thought it was a joke! )

The other day, my husband and I had lunch there. The chicken salad wrap was $ 11.00 and the only thing that was fresh was the homemade pita. There was very little chicken salad in the wrap. Not that I was looking for a diner-sized portion, but I felt like I was eating more pita than chicken salad. The side salad also seemed to be way smaller than form the last time I was there. It was a little bitty handful portion of mesculin mix. So, mine was uttlerly boring.

My husband ordered the salmon burger. It was as dry as a piece of toast! He had to ask for a dipping sauce it was so dry. So, he drowned the burger in a tzatziki sauce. His was not fresh at all. I did not like his whatsoever. That dish was $ 14.00.

We ordered a dessert, hoping that would at least make us feel better. Nope! The chocolate cream pie tasted like it was sitting in the walk-in for 2 weeks. Nothing fresh about that!!

It was a HUGE disappointment! I really did like the place. I just won't be back. The pizzas there also look like a joke. I never had them, but they do not look very appetizing. So much for an afternoon out!!

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  1. Where is this place?
    When mentioning a restaurant, I always think that it is a good idea to at least include the municipality in which it is located.

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    1. re: Ted in Central NJ

      Shrewsbury, at "The Grove" formerly in Middletown (w/a Red Bank mailing address)

      1. re: jfedorko

        Travel down the road a bit to Ocean Cafe. I ate there last week and everything was fresh and delicious!

        1. re: MichelleM131

          Or for lunch, the Cypress Cafe. Or munford's of course.

          1. re: MichelleM131

            I like the Ocean Cafe quite a bit, but they use so much iceberg lettuce! That's my only complaint about them.

            1. re: Heatherb

              Yes, I have to agree. I don't get salads there just because of that reason! I gravitate towards the summer rolls/wraps/soup. But they should definitely up the greens.

        2. re: Ted in Central NJ

          Sorry about that! I thought I did include it!

          637 Broad Street
          The GROVE Shopping Center
          Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
          (732) 224-8887