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Mar 6, 2011 04:36 AM

ISO: Chocolate Shoo Fly Pie Recipes

I like CSFP better than regular SFP. There are lots of versions of SFP, but CSFP is hard to find. I had a piece at the Bird-In-Hand Bakery in PA, but they no longer make it. If I remember right, there were no crumbs on top, only a baked chocolate top. I haven't found a recipe like it. If you go to they have an online bakery that offers another version of CSFP.It looks good, wish I could figure that one out. I have also seen versions with chocolate syrup and others with cocoa. If you have any CSFP recipes to share, Please Do!!!! Thanks so much for your help.
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  1. Chocolate Shoo Fly Pie Recipe

    Chocolate Syrup Shoo Fly Pie Recipe

    "Funny" Shoo Fly Pie Recipe a chocolate version updated for Chocolatier Magazine

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      Thanks so much, haven't tried the "news" button for the search engines. I had just been searching the web. I have the recipe for the Chocolate Syrup version. Didn't know to sub the water in the recipe with chocolate syrup. Hadn't heard of Betty Groff, she has some good recipes listed on the page. Thanks so much !!!!! :) :) :)

      1. re: Barbarainnc

        Here's a link to the main search page on the Google newspaper archive, it's kind of buried.

        I enter the food search term under "with all of the words".
        Under the "with at least one of the words" I enter; tsp tbsp teaspoon tablespoon, to find actual recipes instead of just stories about the food search term.
        Finally I choose "no price" to view free articles, otherwise a bunch of pay articles also show up.