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Mar 6, 2011 12:16 AM

Carl's Jr. "Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders"

So, has anyone tried these? How are they? Someone convince me to want to try them. Are they any better than the pre-fab frozen ones they make fun of in the commercials?

In protest, I haven't stepped foot in a Carl's since they changed their french fries (see, the new ones (is it still the "natural cut" or whatever name they call them) just don't taste very good IMO.

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  1. It is my understanding that Carl's and Hardees are the same. The hand breaded chicken tenders from Hardees rock. They are not the same ole, same ole. They also have some great onion rings.

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      Yes, Carl Jr's and Hardee's have been the same ownership for a few years now. Hardee's was founded in Rocky Mount, NC and any Southern influences you see in the food comes from those roots. The largest Hardee's franchisee is a company called Boddie-Noell which owns most of the Hardee's in NC and, I believe, VA. They also own a pretty fair number of other restaurant chains, among them one called Texas Steakhouse & Saloon. Never been there, but the chicken tenders originated in that chain. Boddie-Noell is so large that when they speak, Hardee's/Carl's listens. Apparently the tenders went over very well with the higher-ups and were rolled nationally.

      And I agree, the onion rings are amazing for a fast food franchise. It pains me to admit that since I hate this chain for what I see as their misogynistic advertising but those rings are killer.

    2. I tried them once and, while they're much 'better' than Chicken Nuggets, there's always something about the texture and flavor of the chicken in this level of food that is just off somehow. It's probably got something to do with being cooked 'off the bone', or maybe storage time (?), but it lacks something. Not as bad as the texture of chicken pieces in most frozen meals I've experienced though.