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Mar 5, 2011 08:03 PM

Any good Mexican restaurants in Barrington?

Looking for some good home made type Mexican food in or close to Barrington. Any suggestions? TIA

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  1. When I get together for Mexican food with my friends who live in Barrington, we go to Salsa 17 in Arlington Heights. The food is very creative and very good, with a variety of moles (they'll even bring an assortment of moles to the table if you like).

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      Menu looks great. Thank you for the recommendation.

    2. Agree on Salsa 17. Ever since Flamingos closed there just are no more good options. Bien Trucha is simple but tasty but farther away - too far to go to have to then wait for an hour.

      Bien Trucha
      410 W State St, Geneva, IL 60134