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Mar 5, 2011 07:33 PM

Where to find Grazin Acres Meat in YYC

At the CFM last fall, Grazin Acres said they were looking into retail space nearby after the market closed. I decided not to leave my contact info with them as I also understood they would be keeping a booth at the new CFM as well.

However they aren't listed as a vendor at the new CFM. Does anyone know if you can buy their products elsewhere in Calgary?

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  1. They now have a retail space at the Kingsland Market.

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    1. re: karensmarcus

      Also i found their meat and eggs at second to none meat on 4st in mission.

      I was so happy as well, I have been missing their eggs, and sausages. =)

      1. re: karensmarcus

        I was at Kingsland on Saturday and Grazin Acres is not there. But I will try 2nd To None Meats.

        1. re: ziggel

          I hear that the second location for 2nd to none is across the way from Kingsland. Until today I had no idea there that farmers market was-- so I havent had a chance to check it out.

          1. re: ziggel

            Oops, sorry. I was thinking of Hoven Farms' meat.

        2. They have a space they are working on that will not be open until May. You can source them at Second To None Meats, or if you email them at they will bring in an order for you to pick up at Wild Rose Pub, near the old Calgary Farmer's Market site.
          Love their stuff!

          1. hi this is GRAZIN ACRES We have a new location just opened June 1.#30-11440 Breaside Dr SW. next to curves . New name for the store Dutch Treats &Farm Fresh will direct to our website maps store hours Thank you