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Mar 5, 2011 05:45 PM

7 days in Paris........Pierre Gagnaire is our splurge

Need all your input. We'll be in Paris for 7 nights and need recommendations for

moderate, 100 euros, without wine. We're staying on the Left Bank but could go anywhere.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks

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  1. Which of the recommendations on the Board caught your eye when you searched - if you can identify some you liked the sound of, it might help with similar suggestions

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      I should have been more specific, but it's hard to say which ones were most appealing. We've been to so many. I guess I should have asked about newer places. We enjoyed L'Epi Dupin, L'Ardoise,
      L'Ami Jean, Cafe Bert....something newer and wonderful is what I'm really looking for. The one that really caught my eye is the Hidden Kitchen and we'll try for that.

      Thanks for your response. Anxious to hear what everyone has to say.

      1. re: goodcookie

        I'll recommend Passage 53 (just awarded 2 stars), Spring and Saturne for a "new-ish" style of dining. And, although I haven't been (but I do plan to visit in July), I am interested in Jean Francois Piege's place (upstairs at Thoumieux -- just awarded 2 stars). When will you be in Paris?