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Mar 5, 2011 03:08 PM

Des Moines Delis (old school)

I'm looking for a deli/butcher shop similar to those I grew up with (Rappaport's in Drake area and then Urbandale, Hank's at Merle Hay and Franklin, or Holmes' in Windsor Heights). Don't want Palmer's, Jason's, etc. B&B is the closest I've found, haven't been to Findlay's, yet. Are there any left?

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  1. Thanks for the memories.
    I've yet to find anything that would compare to those you mentioned.
    Rappaports corned beef and swiss on rye. The thing of which dreams are made.
    Joe, back at the deli counter cranking out sausage sandwiches to die for, at Hanks.
    I'll add the meat counter at Amends. B&B still gets their meat from Amends, just not as good as it used to be.
    Best I've found would be the sandwiches at Manhattan Deli, and like you mentioned, B&B.
    I like to think there is a place I just haven't found, but probably not.

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      Thanks for replying Bob. I'll try Manhattan Deli.

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        There is always the Kosher Deli on Polk Blvd, they once had a relationship with the big kosher meat operation up in Postville.