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Mar 5, 2011 02:45 PM

Good Food and Beer in the Suburbs

I am looking for a place with good food and an even better beer list in the western suburbs. Anybody out there have any advice.

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  1. I love Parker's in Downers Grove. For food, they have some of the best, freshest, most delicious seafood in the entire Chicago area. They also have certified authentic Neopolitan pizza. They have an excellent beer list, too, which you can view on their bar menu as well as on their dinner menu on their website at

    1. The Stockholm in Geneva brews its own beers (and root beer). I only have limited experience; the one time we were out there for dinner, the food was very good, and the beer was excellent. Look up for menus, beer lists, etc.

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        Looks good and is really close to home. I will have to try it. Thanks

      2. If the beer is more important than the food, then there is really only one place for you. Here's their beer list:

        The food at Bavarian Lodge is good-but-not-great. The beer list, however, is world-class. According to a couple national beer publications, it's the best in the entire Chicago area, not just the west suburbs.

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          This is just what I was hoping for. Thanks for the great suggestion.

        2. I just love Finnegans in Plainfield. Love the Irish pub food and the beer menu is about 4 pages long.

          1. Country House in Geneva on Fabyn Pkwy just east of Kirk rd. Plenty of beer to choose on tap and bottled, large selection. Menu items are standard with some different choices, all done well. Fun, Cozy, and relaxing.

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              Two Brothers Tap House in Warrenville has better than average food. They actually have a chef and strive to use locally and ethically sourced proteins and produce. They brew their own beer and it is very good. Although I've been a long-time fan, of late they seem to be getting a bit complacent in the beers they are producing. Markh is absolutely right about the beer list at Bavarian Lodge. It is stunning in its variety. If you enjoy German food, all the better. If you don't like German food, their burgers are good.