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Mar 5, 2011 02:18 PM

Left over cracked eggs...

I made an angel food cake today and have all the leftover yolks and a few misfires.....any suggestions for what to do with 14 egg yolks (a couple ruptured) mixed with 2 whites? I currently have them in the fridge in a ziploc screw cap container with a 0.25" layer of olive oil on top of them.

I was thinking the mix would be too rich for quiche. But maybe bread pudding? Noodles?

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  1. What if you beat them all together and then froze them in an ice cube tray. Then when you need some egg--like for meat loaf, meatballs and such--you could pull one of those out. Or grab a couple, mix with a whole fresh egg for rich scrambled eggs.

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      Ohhh -I'm intrigued! Will they freeze pretty well like that? And retain all their "binding" properties? How would I thaw?

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        I was right and wrong on this. You can freeze whole eggs, but yolks alone are a problem because they get gelatinous. How about a couple of very rich pound cakes and a lot of homemade mayonnaise?

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          Having learned the hard way, I can tell you that if you freeze shelled whole eggs, the yolks will become too solid to blend once thawed. You can whisk eggs, freeze, thaw, and use as usual for baking and cooking. They will bind normally. I understand that if you want to freeze yolks separately, you need to whisk either salt or sugar into them to keep them from becoming irreversibly solid.

    2. I'd mix with skim milk and make the quiche, or you could buy a carton of egg whites and do scambled or the quiche

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        You can buy egg whites? Learn something new every day!

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          liquid egg whites are a big thing in the dieting world!!

          I would personally make a fritatta with some of the eggs- add a few more whites and some milk so it's not too heavy

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            Yes I only found out because my wife developed an egg allergy but it's to the yoke so this way she can still eat omlettes, personally I don't think it's an allergy as only canadian eggs cause the undesired results, If I buy eggs in buffalo she can eat them without any reaction.

          1. kugelhopf. very easy to make, in fact. I use this specifically when a break a container of eggs!


            1. Make french toast in the morning and carbonara tomorrow night!