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Mar 5, 2011 01:29 PM

Breakfast tomorrow in the western suburbs? - Detroit

We've got out of town company that wants to go out to breakfast tomorrow. They usually want to go to IHOP because they love fancy pancakes and stuffed French toast type things.

Any suggestions of where to go (that's not IHOP) not too far from the Livonia area with some fruity, fancy pancakes, etc?

Tonight, Le George in Northville. : )

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  1. The Breakfast Club in Farmington Hills is really good. It's on Grand River west of I-275. Very good with lots of delicious pancake choices. The carrot cake pancakes are my favorites!

    1. Oops...sorry it's not I-275 at that point. Just past whatever freeway that is at Halstead and Gd. River...sorry.

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        Actually it's on 10 mile just west of where Grand River & 10 mile split; so it's east of I-275/I-96 and west of M-5.