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Mar 5, 2011 01:18 PM

Angels and Gypsies, Camberwell, London

Enjoyable tapas with robust flavours, even if slightly less refined than my experiences at El Piratas de Tapas in Westbourne Grove.

Good crust in the empanadas, crumbling readily to yield moist minced lamb and peas.

Firm thin fibres of saltcod in the croquette, barely any greasy trace, enriched by an aioli with hints of orange zest for contrast.

A firm moist Basque tortilla with a textbook balance of egg and potato along with bits of salt cod, made to order, this version perked up with guacamole, a nice layering of egg and avocado flavours, burnished with a thin coat of habernaro chilli heat.

Pleasant sticks of roasted jerusalem artichoke, slightly tangy and nutty, nice but probably skippable.

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  1. oh totally - that place is terrific. I really enjoyed the artichokes though, they were the highlight for me. Also, the spinach with garlic and chilli was fabulous. Sorry I didn't try the empanadas now.

    1. I wrote up my experiences there a while back, too. Great place.