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Mar 5, 2011 12:59 PM

Dinner Millbrae

From time to time I take my elderly (88 and 90) mom and dad for dinner. Looking for Italian, California, Seafood. They have a Chinese place and a spendy restaurant already. Recent NY transplants, they enjoy really good food, but are not extremely adventurous. An every day kind of place would be great.

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  1. Not Millbrae but nearby Sodini's Bertolucci's SSF..

    1. Il Fornaio in Burlingame?

      It's only a few minutes from Millbrae, there's a city parking lot across the street.

      If you want a more cafe like atmosphere, I also really like Cafe Grillades in San Bruno. It's hidden in the shopping center by Mollie Stone's. They have crepes and a range of other dishes.

      Also, in SSF the Basque Cultural Center

      It's a very family friendly, comfortable atmosphere, not particularly California, but they do some lovely traditional dishes and always have a fresh fish of the day. Once again, easy parking and accessibility.

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        For not-adventurous red meat / Prime Rib, you can take them to 16 Mile House. Not too expensive either.