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Mar 5, 2011 12:42 PM

Koo's Grill - Where'd it go?

Does anyone know where the Ho-tteok Cart ("Koo's Grill") outside of California Market on Western (&5th), went?

California Market closed, and now my beloved Sweet Rice Pancakes are missing in action! =(

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  1. Seconding your plea. I checked out the California Market up on Beverly - not there. A friend even went to Pico/Wilton on the off chance that the laser-printed sign in Korean (which neither of us reads) was about Koo's. Not there either!

    We are in a very mild state of despair. The ho-tteok outside Assi are a disappointment after Koo's.

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      So, KOO'S may not have been at the Beverly California MArket right after the closing, but it's there NOW. MMMMMMMM

      California MArket (Beverly & Kingsley)