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Mar 5, 2011 12:16 PM

Greenfield Dairy Products yogurt at Russo's - Yum!

Yesterday I noticed and (of course) purchased an unfamiliar brand of yogurt at Russo's. This morning's tasting was very yummy. This is regular (not strained or Greek-style) yogurt made only from dairy products and yogurt cultures. There is no pectin or gelatin used to thicken it. It is whole-milk, creamline style, so there is a yummy layer on the top for extra breakfast yogurt goodness. The flavor is very mild with very little tang. I think it was something like $3.79 for a large container. Highly recommended for people who like their yogurt made in this style.


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  1. I saw that too. It was $3.49 and I would have bought it except it was very close to its expiry date. Will have to try it next time I'm there if I can get one with more shelf life.

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      Yes, there was only about 8 days til the expiry date on mine. All of the containers had the same date. In any case, I had found a very nice bargain bag of cucumbers in the back room, and when I saw the yogurt I said tatziki! and knew I that between breakfasts and that I would use it up in time.

    2. I like to get the "European style" organic yogurt at Trader Joe's. Very sour and runny (no added ingredients, just whole milk). Would be interested to see how it compares

      Trader Joe's
      1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

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        I'd expect you'd find the two quite different. This yogurt is not at all sour, and it actually holds its shape. There is dry milk added to the whole milk, which most likely accounts for the thicker texture.

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          Probably apples & oranges - PinchOfSalt says that the Greenfield yogurt is "very mild with very little tang."

        2. Just was at Russo's today and saw that Greenfield Dairy Products yogurt is BACK. The date on the container was in early June. Of course I got some. Yum!

          1. I finally got to try this myself today. I shop at Russo's every week, but I haven't seen it since first mentioned until now. It's much milder than TJ's European style (which a west coast friend deduced is Straus creamery). Nice and thick (I stirred the cream layer back in) and good with a little vanilla. Thick enough to be a baked potato topping, and I could see it being good for tzatziki too.

            There's no dry milk listed in the ingredients on this week's tub, just milk and concentrated skim milk and culture. I don't understand how it can be labelled "whole milk" when there is skim milk in it? But that is a minor quibble...I'm thrilled to have another additive free yogourt to add to the rotation.

            On a tanginess scale, this is super mild. In increasing order of tanginess, I'd rate them:

            Liberte 2% (white and blue 27 oz tub)
            TJs Eurostyle/Straus Creamery
            Sophia's of Belmont

            I hope this becomes a regular item!

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              I think the concentrated skim milk is used to thicken the yogurt without draining. It probably is less expensive to produce a quart by that method - and has the added advantage (for many) that it results in a drained-style yogurt that has a lower fat content than if it were made by actually draining it. In any case, it passes my dairy-only (no pectin or gelatin or other non-dairy thickener) test for "real yogurt" and super mild is just what I love. I sure hope Russo's keeps this in stock. Mmmm, yogurt and berries or yogurt and melon chunks or yogurt and banana for breakfast. Positively makes one want to spring out of bed.