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Mar 5, 2011 11:21 AM

Replacement for Pathmark in Monsey, NY?

I was just told that Pathmark on Rte 59 in Monsey, NY closed some time ago.

Is it true? If so, is there another supermarket that sells such a large variety of Passover items at (somewhat) reasonable prices?


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  1. <shaking head in disbelief>

    I cannot believe that Pathmark ever sold KLP items >>cheaper<< than Wesley Kosher or Rockland Kosher. They have been in and out Chapter 11 so many times in the last 10 years it is rediculous...their prices certainly are not cheaper than the other area markets here in Teaneck for regular items.

    So let me cover my bases. Are you asking about big markets other than Wesley Kosher or Rockland kosher?

    JLH...where are you located?

    1. Can't tell you what the prices at Shoprite in Tallman (down the road on 59) are, but we don't think Shoprite is a good consumer experience. It will have Passover items, of course. Try Wesley Kosher on route 306. It tends to be cheaper than Rockland Kosher also on Route 306. Also, FYI, Supersol or some other big Israeli Supermarket (Yaish?) will be opening in Pathmark's place. Word on the street is that Pomegrante (upscale) is coming to the corner of 59 and 306. Don't think any of that will happen by Passover.

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        Stop and Shop in Pomona does a really good job, but I love the little heishe stores, Shop Rite of Tallman is ugh, and I travel to A and P in NJ.

        I just called my friend who has dragged me to Pomegrante which is an upscale center, Her husband was shocked and he seems to know everything. This Sunday, I mentioned to my husband why was the stores accross the street empty,,,,,,I hope that it means the parking lot.
        For all that has never been to Pomegrante, their take out it outrageous!

        I think that I will call Pomegrante in the morning or check their website......................

        1. re: laura10952

          We don't have a Pomegrante in Monsey. A and P is overpriced and does not in fact have a large selection of kosher (they haven't committed) and neither has Stop and Shop. None of these compare to the old Pathmark and all the heimish places including Rockland Kosher megastore with its huge selection of Passover goods are completely overpriced beyond what is financially acceptable.

          1. re: cappucino

            I read that it was opening and will call them! I use store coupons at Stop and Shop and A and P, so I do save. I find the little Hemish stores cheaper but Rockland Kosher you are correct, since people come from all over, it is their time to increase their prices.

            There used to be across the street from the Post Office, trucks of Passover food and I had noticed people purchasing. I wonder if they still have it.