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Mar 5, 2011 11:13 AM

What to do with Kumquats?

Hi All,

Any ideas on what to do with a bumper crop of Kumquats...I have made a tasty marmalade but wondering if anyone has more creative ideas...

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  1. I made a sauce with them for meat, I think it had orange and ginger in it, then used it as a "schmear" on the plate next to a balsamic reduction schmear. OMG, it was beautiful and tasty both! Looked like a painting. I think I served chicken or pork with it.

    Oh: they freeze nicely (juice and sauce both).

    1. Hi Plantman, I know you posted your question about a year ago, but since it's now kumquat season again, hopefully you will be able to try the Kumquat & Cardamom tea cake that is on I've made it many times (I omit the tea powder and nuts) and everyone LOVES it.

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        1. I have used them in tarts, regular and the "fruit pizza" style on sugar cookie dough. I slice them thin, leaving the edible skin on.

          1. Most memorable dessert I've ever had was at Millennium in San Francisco about 15 years ago and included kumquats.

            It was a leaning mound of hot baked gingerbread topped with a scoop of meyer lemon sorbet surrounded by quartered kumquats on a drizzled (blue?)berry coulis.

            Getting all four components in each mouthful was a study in orgasmic contrasts. Hot/cold sweet/sour soft/firm wet/dry