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Mar 5, 2011 09:33 AM

Sefa Mediterranean Grill - Delray Beach

Now open, "Sefa Mediterranean Grill" in Delray’s Pineapple Grove area.

Went for dinner recently. Excellent service, this is a family run business. Brothers, aunts, cousins, every kicks in.

Executive Chef / Owner Numan Unsal hails from Turkey, where apparently he operated several restaurants, but this is his first in the U.S.

Wife and I had:

Cold App Plate – Hummus, tabuleh, lentil kofte, stuffed grape leaves, smoked eggplant salad, and tzatziki ($16)


Mixed Grill – Chicken and lamb shish, kofte, lamb chops, gyro served with bulgur and grilled vegetables.

Both of these were big hits, and combined with the complimentary pita, proved an excellent meal for two.

We’ll be back. Look fwd to hearing other comments.

Full menu and contact info here:

Clean Plate Charlie has a brief write-up

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  1. Hi CFByrne,

    Sefa is really a nice place indeed. We enjoyed our food there and the atmosphere is great.

    There is a new review out:

      1. re: CFByrne

        Everyone needs to try Sefa in Delray. We were there twice this week and loved both of our meals. The ambiance is terrific and the people that own it are so nice. More people have to go, as it is usually pretty quiet. and we want them to be successful. Once you try it, you will definitely return.

      2. I went a couple weeks ago, it was fair to ok, not mind blowing, the tabouleh was nasty and tomato-y, humus was ok, service very friendly.

        1. Sefa has a new ad in Showtime: 10% OFF!
          Details on their web site

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          1. re: Echo1

            >10% OFF!

            I am sure they don't want to kill their margins. But I’m pretty sure 10% isn’t enough to get ANYONE to change their habits.

            I see 10% off meal coupons in those mailers and I’m always surprised. I could be all wrong but I doubt this helps at all from a marketing perspective.

            In general I think to drive new customers on a “deal” you need at least either a free app/dessert/drink OR 50% off second meal OR BOGO.


            1. re: CFByrne

              a good question for the Not About Food board maybe!

              1. re: CFByrne

                I think it is a good start for the month of October. I am sure there will be more marketing opportunities later on. They are a little busy with upcoming events. For October, they will sponsor The Delray Beach Public Library's "Food! Cuisine, Culture & Community Symposium"

                In November, they will participate in the 2nd annual Boca Raton wine & food festival.

                Their prices are reasonable anyway.

            2. Recently had an excellent 'dinner' at Sera...we started with several appetizers and then realized we didn't have room for entrees. Everything was delicious and freshly prepared, topped off with great service. My favorites were the Borek rolls which were crispy and hot, stuffed grape leaves made from scratch (not like those oily ones from a can that so many Greek restaurants serve) and the light and non-greasy falafel. Above all, the unique seasonings were what really set this food apart from other 'Mediterranean' restaurants. We were startled when the music was suddenly turned up and a belly dancer twirled out among the tables. However the beautiful young woman danced with dignity and class and it felt much more like cultural enrichment rather than the usual quasi-burlesque show you get at some places.