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Mar 5, 2011 06:52 AM

Restaurant ideas in Richmond, VA

My 13yo son and I are coming to Richmond next weekend, I'm looking for some restaurant ideas that locals enjoy and are hopefully uniquely Richmond. We're staying downtown, I have a car. We're from Philadelphia where there's more restaurants per square mile than anywhere in the USA so fancy/expensive isn't necessary, I just want to get a feel for Richmond.

Any suggestions would be great thanks!

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  1. with a thirteen year old... i like lulu's. in shockoe bottom which is a cool area and definitely ok with that age kid even though it's a great place.
    edo's squid and mamma 'zu are classic italian joints people love despite the decor and service. i've only done edo's and wasn't impressed but would try again sometime.
    what type of food does your son like?
    i've taken my kids to stronghill dining company for brunch and it's amazing and local and homemade and southernish. if you go for dinner the mac n' cheese side is about the best i've ever had.
    comfort is also a great place to take a thirteen year old. classics. good. not great in my opinion. but charming. and some items are standouts like the fried catfish and the banana creme brulee. seriously.

    1. It's been a little while since I've been, but Avenue 805 used to be very good (

      As far as "uniquely Richmond", an old school BBQ joint comes to mind, but unfortunately my favorite standby has closed so hopefully someone else can recommend one.

      The Jefferson Hotel is a neat Richmond landmark with a nice restaurant inside:

      Avenue 805
      805 N Davis Ave, Richmond, VA 23220

      1. I live in NYC, and I crave and miss Mamma Zu every single day - it's my favorite place.

        Also, Helen's, Sticky Rice (would be fun for a kid!) and Starlite are all good spots.

        Mamma Zu
        501 S Pine St, Richmond, VA 23220

        Sticky Rice
        2232 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220

        1. Millie's Diner should be on any list of uniquely Richmond restaurants. Great food in a casual and comfortable atmosphere and a good beverage program. They also have a killer brunch if that fits into your schedule. I'll also second Mamma Zu's.

          1. Comfort is the first place that came to mind. It's Southern, it's good and would be great with a 13 year old. Edo's is my favorite place, but it is Italian and not really the flavors of Richmond and Virginia (if that makes sense).

            I would definitely try to get to Millie's and/or Lulu's....they are very Richmond and also put out some good food in atmospheres that are casual but very enjoyable.

            22299 Exploration Dr Ste 402, Lexington Park, MD 20653