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What to do with my crab claws

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I just got given a kilo of crab claws, frozen. They're cooked and shelled, with only the shell on the one big pincer left on. So... they're basically frozen crab meat I guess. Still, it seems a shame to shred them and put them in a sandwich. Any ideas?

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  1. Lump crab cakes!!! I like to have diced red bells, scallions or chives, lemon zest, parsley,a little tiny bit of fresh bread crumb, cayene, mayo, egg, s. & p.

    1. Make a dipping sauce with some minced garlic, rice wine vinegar, a bit of sugar and a dash of salt. Then steam your claws to warm them up, then just go at it.

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          This would be my choice, serving them with several dipping sauces. Basic melted butter and lemon; cocktail sauce with horseradish; a mustard sauce in the style of Joe's Stone Crabs in Florida; a remoulade; an asian, soy-based one with rice wine vinegar, ginger and garlic, etc. Lots of styles to choose from that would go with delicious crab claws. Enjoy!

        2. Best appetizer ever - marinated crab claws. Common party food in Louisiana. I don't have a recipes, but here's a link to a bunch.

          1. Would make a fairly decent chowder with some milk and potatoes.

            1. Spanish Willy:

              A little drawn garlic butter, a crusty baguette, a good bottle of Semillon Blanc, a fireplace, a furry rug, a little music, low lighting, a *very* good friend...

              1. I just gotta...

                "What to do with my crab claws"

                Have you tried a good lotion?

                1. Throw them in a cioppino or any kind of fish soup at the last minute. If they're in too long, the meat falls out and you have an empty claw.
                  Gives your customers something to play with.