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Mar 5, 2011 03:48 AM

questions about chow worthy at the airport

My flight times are not the most convenient and I will have a one/two hour layover at the airport. I want to grab a quick bite and then buy something to take with me for supper because I won't have time to grab it when I get to my final arrival point.

What is particularly chow worthy?
I will be in terminal 1 - what is the mall where it looks that there are a lot of places?

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  1. This recent thread may not answer all of your questions, but it's got some solid recs:


    1. Any updates to the posted thread? Travelling next week.

      1. I always stop at French Meadow Bakery when I am there if that helps.

        French Meadow Bakery & Cafe
        2610 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

        1. Surdyks, French Meadow or Ikes.

          1. >> I will be in terminal 1 - what is the mall where it looks that there are a lot of places?

            That's the Lindbergh Terminal. The mall is the central area from which all the individual concourses extend. If you're coming from outside the airport, once you go through security, you're in the mall. You can see a map showing the relationship of the mall to the concourses, and the locations of individual restaurants, at

            I recently spent time there waiting for my flight, and had a bite to eat. I had previously researched and decided (based on TDQ's link) to center on Surdyk's or French Meadow. I found Surdyk's, which wasn't easy; it's quite small and looks like a wine store and deli, and you could walk right by without realizing that it's a full-service restaurant with table service inside, albeit only a few small tables. I looked at the menu there, then walked over to French Meadow, which is quite large and easily visible as a restaurant, and looked at the menu there. (You can compare the menus in advance on their websites at and ). I found the menu at French Meadow far more appealing, so I ate at the bar there. (They have plenty of tables too.) I had the beet and pear salad, and per the bartender's suggestion had it topped with a grilled chicken breast. It was excellent, exactly what I wanted, just a great dish.

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              I have been scouting out the menus. Those are my two places. Depends if travelling companions want wine, unless French Meadow has wine.

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                French Meadow Cafe has wine. (I mentioned that I ate at the bar and was served by their bartender, LOL!) You can view their wine list at

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                  I think we have a winner; thanks!