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Mar 5, 2011 03:48 AM

Whole foods chicken breast [Moved from Boston board]

Does anyone know if whole foods has changed there chicken supplier or there packaging process?

The last 3 times I have bought whole foods chicken breast either from the meat counter or pre-packed there has been a very strange smell and are slimy, enough so that I don't want to eat it.
I normally buy on a Saturday and end up using it on Wednesday or Thursday, in the past this has not been a problem.

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  1. You should call them and find out.

    1. You shouldn't buy chicken on a Saturday and eat it on Wednesday or Thursday.

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      1. re: galleygirl

        Ah, good point! If you're gonna, better freeze it...

        1. re: galleygirl

          Until recently it wasn't a problem.
          Out of curiosity how long would you go before discarding?

          1. re: manish01

            If you freeze the poultry? Max: 3 months.

          2. re: galleygirl

            Agreed, for any meat or seafood. If you're not going to use it within 1 or 2 days, I'd throw it in the freezer. With locally sourced, you might get a few days grace period, but doesn't give you the best taste or texture.

          3. I bought a package from them on March 1 and the sell by day is the 14th. Way too long for chicken.

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            1. re: phatchris

              Absolutely, but it would seem march 5 or 6th would be ok.

            2. If chicken has a "slimy feel to it when handled, it is very old and might be going bad. Make sure you throughly cook it. Some supermarkets try and sell it for more time than they should.

              1. I've been going to the Whole Foods in Dedham. Lately the quality of the meat is questionable. Some ground turkey I bought yesterday, had turned by this afternoon. Seeing the only reason I've been going to Whole foods has been the meat counter, i'd love to hear of another alternative. Pretty tired of having to throw stuff out after a day.

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                1. re: jjbourgeois

                  Usually, I get Plainville ground turkey at Market Basket a day before the sell-by date as it's marked down a 1/3 in price (dark meat is regularly $2.99/lb. Never a problem. Got ground turkey at the Bedford WF at their regular price ($4.99/lb, I think) and the stuff was turned less than 24 hours later. It doesn't make sense.