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Mar 5, 2011 01:40 AM

Anyone try Buvette yet?

I was reading about their chocolate mousse and it looks incredible. Can anyone testify about their food?

42 Grove St, New York, NY 10014

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  1. Nope, been dying to though. Hopefully we'll stop by once they start serving brunch. Please post back when you make it in though.

    1. Had a lovely leisurely lunch there a few weeks ago. The rillette de porc was one of the best I've had on either side of the pond, and the liver mousse terrine was surprisingly delicate and delectable. Shared a croque monsieur and a croque champignons, both very tasty, esp. the champignons, and the mousse was rich, brightly flavored, and divoon.

      1. i had dinner there about a month ago. i was surprised at how crowded it was only 2-3 weeks in. it's bustling and slightly chaotic but we scored two bar seats after a 10 minute wait. i think the bar is the way to go so you can talk to jody and be in the middle of everything.

        jody was surprisingly very nice and we really enjoyed our meal because of our interaction. we had about 5 plates if i recall...coq au vin was solid, pork rillettes tasted more like pulled pork but very good nonetheless. we had some artichoke dish that was excellent, the brandade which was fine...and another dish or two that i cant recall. chocolate mousse for dessert was dark and delicious but quite clumpy and more like fudge than mousse...

        i was more interested in their solid wine list. i had two glasses of excellent languedoc.

        the place reminded me of a more bustling, french take on terroir...and thats a good thing. the food is good but not a real destination sort of place. despite that, we had a nice night at buvette.

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          The food's fine, nothing special; the wine is HORRIBLY overpriced--$14 for a "carafe" that wouldn't drown a fly. Also, beware the bread (if you get any--I had to ask twice): it's pre-oiled (not evident on first glance) and will drip all over your clothing when you bite into it, as it did me, ruining my slacks, tie and shirt. Guess it's asking too much to have a tablespoon of oil on a plate so you can serve yourself--the customer just might, God forbid, ask for seconds. How cheapjack can you get? Thanks, Buvette. I will NEVER go back.

          42 Grove St, New York, NY 10014