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Mar 4, 2011 08:53 PM

Coffee stops on roadtrip CA->AZ->NM->TX->OK->KS->MO->IA->MN

Hey guys,

I'm leaving LA for the Twin Cities. I'm driving through Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City. I'm a bit of a coffee snob and can't do the major chains. I would appreciate any recommendations for good coffee for my trip as I'm sure I'll need as much caffeine as gas to make it to Minnesota

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  1. as odd as it sounds consider taking a small 2-4 cup maker with you, most rest stops will have electrical outlets and make your own. really nice people along the way, but probably not the coffee you're seeking. unless Hardee's floats your stoat.

    outside of the larger cities I-44 and I-35 are not exactly known for their choices (there are exceptions, but hard to find)

    1. I'll chime in for the Wichita area... well at least my neighborhood. Watermark Books is a local bookstore with a great little cafe. Good for breakfast or lunch.

      Another good local coffee shop on the east side is Il Primo. Has a to go window too.

      Happy travels.

      Watermark Books & Cafe
      4701 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67218

      1. I have family in K.C. and regularly do the KC to MSP part of your route.

        In the K.C. area, two java places close to I-35 that I recommend are the Black Dog, in suburban Lenexa KS (off the 87th Street exit) and Mildred's, in the Crossroads District downtown.

        In Iowa, about halfway between KC and Des Moines I like the Linden Street Cafe in Lamoni. It's about two miles off I-35 to the west.

        Further north, if I need a refill between Des Moines and MSP I often stop in Clear Lake at Cabin Coffee. It's a small regional chain.

        1. Can't speak for the other cities mentioned, but Kansas City is a gold mine:

          Broadway Cafe in Westport:

          The Roasterie--one of the few places in the country that managed to snag a Clover before Starbucks bought them out.

          Coffee Girls--moved recently and I haven't been to the new location, but the old one was good

          And not so much for coffee, but there's a little place called YJ's off 18th street that's great to grab something to eat.

          1. Here in Tulsa you have two choices for local coffee houses, Double Shot on S Boston roasts their own beans. Double Shot went up against Starbucks over its name and Won. And the other one, Topeca Coffee not only roasts their own, they grow their own on a family owned plantation in El Salvador.