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Mar 4, 2011 07:58 PM

Dinner near the Barnes Museum

Four of us are going to visit the Barnes Museum in Lower Merion, PA and would like to have dinner on Friday evening. Price $$ or $$$, cuisine open, not too noisy. We are staying in a hotel in St. Davids.

We know that there are many great Philadelphia restaurants, and that the Barnes isn't really in Philadelphia, but we are coming from Manhattan by car. No need to go into the city but we are open to doing that if need be, and grateful for any advice you can offer.

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  1. You would do better if you posted this on the Philadelphia board.

    1. There are some decent restaurants in Wayne. I had a good meal at the Silver Spoon (503 W. Lancaster Ave) recently. It's BYOB, comfortable atmosphere, diverse menu with some interesting pairings items. For the price you can do better in the city but it was a nice meal; a couple misses and most everything was undersalted but they actually keep S&P on the table.

      1. Flemings is in St Davids. Sushiland on Lancaster Ave in Bryn Mawr. Murrays in Merion three blocks from Museum. Sank Kee in Wynnewood and Chun Hing in Phila about two miles from the museum

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          Cheesemonger, have you been to Murray's recently. I went last summer when my wife was at Lankenau for a few weeks, and I was very disappointed. I had a craving for a pastrami sandwich.

          They asked me if I wanted it hot or cold, and when I said hot, they pulled out some pre-sliced cold pastrami and warmed it on a griddle. A far cry from getting it sliced from a slab kept warm on a steamtable, which is what I had expected from a Jewish deli.

          It wasn't all that bad, honestly, but I was really very disappointed.

          1. re: FrancisdeR

            Had smoked fish, meat did look rather questionable when l saw it. Good point

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              C'mon folks: Chilmark is coming from NY to the Barnes. We do have great restaurants, and Murrays isn't one of them. Surely there are some super places on the Mainline, near St.. Davids? That's not my territory at all, but there have to be more great places besides the few that were mentioned...

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              Funny, Craig LaBan mentioned the Murray's hot pastrami delight in the Tues. Crumbtracker Quiz. Seems like an endorsement?

          2. If you are into beer, Teresa's Next Door in Wayne has a great selection of beers on draft and the food is pretty good. If you don't mind driving a bit you can get to Blackfish in Conshohocken pretty easily, or Restaurant Alba in Malvern. Blackfish is the better of the two.

            1. Since you're going to see one of the finest collections of French art in the world, then you need to go to Gilmore's to experience some of the best French food in the Philadelphia area. Gilmore's is a BYOB in West Chester. If you go, you have to get the Chocolate Mousse served in a blown sugar apple!