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Mar 4, 2011 06:47 PM

Coconut rum cake?

Does anyone have a recipe for a great coconut rum cake that's like a pound cake with a glaze? I'm NOT looking for a light and fluffy layer cake with frosting. I know I've had this more than once, most recently at a local taqueria, but I can't find an online recipe close to what I'm looking for. It should be a single layer cake, somewhat dense, and glazed, not iced or frosted. There is one from Goumet a few years ago that looks close, but it has a cream cheese icing.

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  1. how about trying ChefJune's Coconut Pound Cake and just making it with a rum glaze?

    or this KAF recipe:

    or make the Gourmet recipe and glaze it instead?

    1. smittenkitchen posted one on her blog the other day and called it a pina colada cake. it looked amazing!

      1. there's a delicious coconut rum pound cake in "desserts by pierre herme." it calls for coriander but you can leave that out and just have the classic flavors. dense and tender with strong coconut flavor and a rum soaking syrup. go to this link to the book on amazon, and search "coriander" using the "look inside" function. it will take you to the recipe which is fully accessible.

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          Wow I will check into that Herme recipe! Thanks for all the recs (I typically love SmittenKitchen but I am not looking for pineapple in this cake).

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            I saw that, following leonora1974's instructions to get there. Just scroll down 'til you see it. Promising, I think. Love coconut--it seems perfect for desserts, like almond or peach.