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Mar 4, 2011 04:18 PM

What is your "perfect breakfast"? [moved from Home Cooking]

I overheard a discussion on the train this morning and was amazed at the varied answers. I'm still torn as to what mine is.

So...what's your "perfect breakfast"?

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  1. You know, the perfect breakfast is what I want that day. I will state however, that it is a savory meal for me. Don't care for sweet in the morning at all. So in general terms, my perfect breakfast is eggs, a carb like English muffins or toast, and a pork product.

    However, I almost never eat breakfast at breakfast time. More often it is lunch.

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    1. re: smtucker

      I too hate sweets in the morning! Hard to keep the weight down with carbs, butter and cholesterol, but boy are they yummy!

      Assuming you mean 'perfect' in the sense of fabulousness - Eggs Benedict, traditional or any variation... Bacon instead of ham. Biscuits instead of English muffins. Fried green tomatoes on any layer. Spinach or asparagus in there somewhere. Constants are poached eggs and hollandaise - is there anything hollandaise doesn't make better?

      1. re: southern_expat

        You must be reading my mind! Poached eggs + hollandaise is the constant, the rest can vary.

        1. re: meatn3

          Add a little creamed spinach, a couple of artichokes and a warm New Orleans morning, not too humid, maybe a little bubbly - eggs sardou. Yum.

          1. re: meatn3

            I wanted Eggs Benedict so bad this morning...but I had some will power.

          2. re: southern_expat

            I agree, savoury vs sweet here as well!

          3. re: smtucker

            A well-prepared Eggs Benedict is in fact the perfect breakfast, and nothing else comes close. I am fortunate to live in a neighborhood that has a little restaurant serving a great Eggs Benedict: Hidden City Cafe, Point Richmond, CA.

            And another local restaurant, Little Louie's, makes a corned beef hash and egg breakfast that is to die for -- the O'Leary I think it's called. Think big, luscious chunks of corned beef, fried up with salty, tender, wonderfully greasy and utterly delicious potatoes and topped by a couple of perfect eggs over medium...sheer indulgence. Who cares that I just shaved five years off me life?

            Mmmmmmm....not ME!

          4. A pain au chocolat or almond croissant with some freshly squeezed orange juice and a crossword puzzle

            1. This is easy...

              French toast, apple compote, warm maple syrup and a grilled ham steak.

              I think I know what Sunday breakfast is going to be!

              1. Good corned beef hash with two poached eggs on top and good rye toast. Eggs have to be soft-cooked. Not gelatinous, but tender with runny yolks. Washed down with very good coffee. Something good to read and time to relax and enjoy the whole event....Ahhhhh, The corned beef hash at the Corner Kitchen in Asheville, NC handed me all of this a few weeks ago. It was a very good morning.

                1. i can't possibly choose just one - it varies from day to day, and even hour to hour!

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                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    I'm feeling the same way ghg, so many to choose from. Some days a "spicy" breakfast is perfect and others, its more about traditional faves. I still can't commit!