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Mar 4, 2011 02:02 PM

looking for two great dinners in berlin money no object

i looking for two great dinners ion berlin in cool hip places, money no object...suggestions please? thanks

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  1. i suggest a search on the berlin threads. tons of info there as a starting point. berlin's a big city - are you willing to travel?

    is the cool / hipness factor as important or more important than the quality of the food?

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        and you've found nothing that lifts your luggage on the numerous berlin threads? i'd start there and see if you need any more details.

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          reinstof, weinbar rutz, dos palillos, cookies.

      2. Facil serves excellent food in a gorgeous enviroment (think japanese garden)
        Vau is also worthwhile, but I cannot say the same for Fischers Fritz. I had really high hopes for them since this is the only 2-Michelin star restaurant in Berlin but the actual room was very heavy and the food was not as innovative as the other two.

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          I agree that Facil's food is superb and the environment, especially if the ceiling is open, is spectular. Reinstoff was also very hip and the food great. The food is very modern with foam in quail eggs, lollipops, and interesting presentations. Two of the four in our party thought it was over the top though. Nice wines too.