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Mar 4, 2011 01:43 PM

One Night Out in Palm Desert

My wife and I are in Palm Desert for the weekend visiting her parents. Her parents have agreed to watch our two young children so we are going out for a very rare dinner for two. Anyone have recommendations on where we should spend our one evening? We like all cuisines and are happy in a fine dining setting or a local dive...we are just happy to be out together and would like to have some good food! No chain restaurants please.

Also, we will likely be cabbing as we will be partaking in multiple beverages.

A patio for the sunset would he a nice bonus, but not necessary.

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  1. Recent thread here if you do a search for this area, and if you want to go to Palm Springs it looks like the Colony Palms Hotel with its recommended Purple Palm dining option might work to get you dining outdoors:

    Know nothing about this place in Palm Desert, but it looks like they are trying and it has outdoor dining:

    Purple Palm Restaurant
    572 N. Indian Canyon, Palm Springs, CA 92262