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Mar 4, 2011 12:40 PM

What am I doing wrong with this wet pizza dough?

So I decided to give the above set of instructions a try! Usually my pizza dough is very different-a lot drier and easier to handle than this wet dough. My question is should it be this sticky and wet when I go to cook it? I looks like his does in the picture but I can't get it into a perfect ball without it sticking all over my hands. I've added the total flour and tried adding flour to my hands but it is super sticky! I just want to make sure that this is the correct consistency before I try to cook it. Any advice??

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  1. My gawd this guy rambles and rambles! My eyes kept losing focus just trying to find the "recipe". Can you briefly sum up what you did? I'm actually very interested as he seems to eschew every pizza dough recipe I've made.

    1. I tried his recipe and ran into the same problem...... I oiled my hands and found if I worked quickly then it worked out fine.

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        I haven't made exactly this recipe, but I do like a wet pizza dough. Yes, oily hands and working quickly helps a lot. And he says use as little bench flour as possible, but you can see from one of the photos he actually uses quite a lot. If you don't you'll never get the pizza onto the peel.

      2. Adding oil makes the dough more supple (I like mine crisper) so I start with flour on my hands and counter with my dough being very wet as well. If you don't add any oil to your dough, you can get away with using both oil and flour for "stickage".

        I don't add any oil to the dough, but I think what makes it easier to handle is storing it in a baggie coated with oil; it seems to be enough to make the dough a little more manageable.

        sorry, I posted and didn't see his recipe but he does seem to ramble a bit :)

        1. What flour are you using? That'll make a huge difference. He says"If you use Caputo or any 00 flour, you may find that it takes a lot more flour for the given amount of water." That's going to be true of many other types of flour, not just Caputo or some 00 flour from the Mediterranean.
          Adding flour to your hands with pizza dough is less effective than oiling your hands.
          Unless you have commercial oven that achieves temperatures in the 800 degree plus range you can reduce the level of hydration and probably achieve an even better result.