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Where to get Corned Beef?

I saw a Lund's advertisement for corned beef. I know that most grocery stores including Cub and Rainbow will have them. In general I've been fine with their offerings as I tend to believe that a good cook can make anything taste good. With that said, does anyone have a recommendation on a good corned beef that won't break the bank but is of good quality as well?

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  1. I assume you are going to cook it yourself; you are not looking for deli-sliced CB?

    1. They have some affordable Corned Beef at Costco right now. I bought one last year and it was quite tasty.

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        Costco sells Vienna Corned Beef from Chicago. It's very good.

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          Cooked one of the costco corn beef briskets (a bit of 3#) in the pressure cooker yesterday for supper. Had left overs for lunch today today. It was quite tasty.

      2. Try the Farm Direct Market at Heartland ... they had corned beef and cabbage made from local products that was outstanding and not that expensive. Russo is a genius with cabbage.

        1. I really like the Lunds Corned Beef. Bought one today.

          1. Yup, this is corned beef to cook myself.

            I bought a Lunds Corned Beef and will likely get a Cub/Rainbow one or two, but will definitely try to hit the Farm Direct Market at Heartland. Thanks for the suggestion.

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              Trader Joe's sells great Corned Beef, for a great price, around this time of year. It is private-labeled.

            2. I noticed Byerlys/Lunds are advertising a "kobe style beef" corned beef brisket. Has any one tried it? I wonder how different it is in taste/texture from the traditional corned beef....

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                I tried it when they first started carrying it. It was tender, but I did not feel it was "corned" enough for my taste.

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                  We have had this a few times and greatly prefer it over the corned beef carried at Cub or Rainbow. It's very expensive so we always wait for it to go on sale, which it always does a week or two before 3/17.

                2. Cecil's Deli on Cleveland in St. Paul probably your best bet. They have a restaurant which serves the sandwiches and a deli as well.

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                    Whole foods has corned beef briskets without nitrites/nitrates for only $5.99/lb.

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                      TJ's corned beef is also without nitrates/trites and is one dollar less than Whole Foods, at $4.99/lb.