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Mar 4, 2011 12:07 PM

Please comment on dining itinerary

We will be in Barcelona May 26-May 31st (leaving early that day). I am not the most adventurous eater, but will not let my husband not enjoy local food. While we will also be going to some michelin restaurant in San Sabastian and one night at Can Fabes, I have picked the following, and hope it's a good balance for both of us. I'd appreciate comments:

Thurs 5/26- dinner at Restaurant Me

Fri 5/27- lunch at Sauc; Tapas crawl in El Born for night

Sat. 5/28- lunch at Cinq Sentis; dinner- Comerc24

Sun- 5/29- lunch at Set Portes or at the Barcaletta; dinner-not sure since we have a music festival our son is performing in

Mon 5/30- lunch at Cal Pep; dinner at Tickets

Thank you for your feedback.

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  1. All look good. I don't know ME though.
    Last day "Mon 5/30- lunch at Cal Pep; dinner at Tickets" may be overdose.

    1. Hi Briscopa, I told you on the other site that Tickets is closed on Mondays. And the booking calendar is either full for the next 3 months or it's not functioning properly. According to the website, there will be some seats saved for Friends of Adria and walk-in customers. If you go, prepare for a long wait.

      1. I think lunch at Cinc Sentits and dinner at Comerc24 is too much food for one day. Cinc Sentits is tasting menu only and you will be there for at least 2 1/2 hours and another 2 1/2 hour sitting in the evening at Comerc24. Might consider moving one to another evening. Unless Cinc Sentits has changed, it is extremely quiet at lunch.

        1. I think Cal Pep is closed Monday lunch...

          1. I was able to get a reservation at Tickets for Thursday May 26th--thank you all for your suggestions. I will make some revisions. Would you choose Cinq Sentis over Commerq24? Does anyone know about Els Pescadors and Vinya Roel?

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              Though Cinc Sentits (miss spelled by just about everyone on this board, thanks) and Comerc24 are catagorized as 'modern Catalan', they are quite different. Cinc Sentits only offers two set menus, one longer than the other; each course is more realized as a complete plate and has a familiar progression: a few tiny tapas to start, then a course of foie gras of some form, a rice, seafood, meat, cheese, dessert. The dining room is long and narrow with somewhat bland decor. It is run as a family restaurant by a brother and sister team. She manages the dining room, frequently with help of the mother, while the brother heads the kitchen. There is a sense if low-key seriousness to the atmosphere though not formal at all. Comerc24 is much more of a small plate restaurant with the food being more molecular. There is a long menu of tapas items as well as a Festival de Tapas tasting of about 10 small plates. There is a lot of variety. Not every course is stellar but all in all, the food is excellent. The restaurant is larger with lots energy. Given that, the service can be a little uneven. The ambience is designer chic and there is a good mixture of diners, from visitors to the young fashionistas. It has more of a celebratory feel.
              Have never been to Els Pescadors. Last year, some local friends and I had couple of rices dishes and wine at Vinya Roel. The rice was well cooked and a great place to enjoy wine.