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Mar 4, 2011 11:35 AM

Jupiter Seafood Recs

We are headed to Jupiter FL for some Cardinals spring training games the 3rd week in March and would love to have some recommendations for seafood restaurants in the area. Could be seafood shacks or more upscale as long as it very fresh and nicely prepared. Maybe fresh Florida lobster? Local seafood only.
I have a plan to eat seafood only, every meal while we are there!

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  1. Little Moir's Food Shack is a must try. They also have another location close by called Leftover's. Be prepared to wait but it will be well worth it. They have a daily menu that has some very interesting items to choose from. The fish is always fresh and prepared excellent.

    1. You must got to Leftover's Cafe. It is very close to Roger Dean Stadium and is much less crowded than Food Shack (same owners)....sshhh, don't tell anyone! As clauzon said, order off of the daily menu.

      Leftover's, Food Shack, or Reef Grill (Juno) will all hit the ball out of the park guaranteed! All are casual but not inexpensive. Cool'ah Fish Bar in PBG is another option and is maybe $5 to $8 less than the above but same quality.

      You also have Jetty's in Jupiter or Ke'e Grill for more upscale atmosphere.

      None of the last 4 that I mentioned have a website but you can get their menu by googling their name and menu. I'll be at the game on the 14th....go Braves!

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        Have to shout out about Leftover's. We went last night and had an excellent meal. I'll definitely be back soon.

        1. re: GatorFL

          Leftover's is easily my favorite resto in the PBG/Jupiter/Juno area. Try the fried oyster app and any crusted fish on the daily menu.

        2. re: freakerdude

          May be up this way this weekend, around Jonathan Dickinson park.

          Anything new to add?

          What would be the deciding factor for Leftovers .vs. Food Shack?

          Also, it is hard to find out the hours/days for these places.

          1. re: CFByrne

            I would say Leftover's only because it is a newer place inside and basically the same menu. Look over the regular menu but definitely read over the daily hand printed menu. The crusted fish variations are what I usually order. The fried oyster app is enough for 2 or 3 people.

            They are both closed on Sundays I believe but call them. Their website has changed and I don't see the Leftover's Cafe info page, as they both were linked together.

            Hours: Sun Closed; Mon-Sat 11am–9pm
            451 University Boulevard
            Jupiter FL, FL 33458
            (561) 627-6030

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              And how about "Maxi's Lineup", which seems to be a 3rd restaurant in the Moir's family?

              From their Facebook page

              "This zagat rated Jupiter favorite, boasts tropical award winning cuisine in an eclectic atmosphere that is sure to tantalize your every sense. For nearly a decade, the incredibly fresh daily seafood specials have kept the locals and visitors alike coming back for more. With it's everchanging crusted fish and savory loaded seafood bowls, the sister restaurant of the Food Shack, can more than hold it's own against any culinary stand-out in Palm Beach county. It's fun, family-friendly attitude and hand-crafted brews, make for a great experience day or night. The latest and greatest space of the Little Moir family is not just another laid back tapas lounge. With an array of local and imported draft beers, specialty sangrias, and mouth-watering old and new world tropical Tapas, this high energy room will keep you rockin' all night long with LIVE local musical acts, weekly Karaoke and heart pounding dance parties."

              1. re: CFByrne

                You can only order tapas at Maxi's and not Food Shack's full menu. Maxi's is right next door to Food Shack and is kind of a waiting room for FS. Dinner at Food Shack or Leftover's will run you $25 entree for fresh fish and lunch is more like $15 entree.

          2. re: freakerdude

            What's the word on Sugar Cane Island Bistro?

            I may want to go there to meet some friends to see some musicians playing - how's the food?

            1. re: CFByrne

              I have never even heard of this place. Let us know how it goes....take one for the team!

              1. re: freakerdude

                LOL - Maybe we will hit Leftovers first and meet up with friends at Sugar Cane afterwards!

                BTW I know you like good music - the two guys playing at Sugar Cane this evening are really terrific. Dave Goodman and Tony Q

          3. My best friend recently moved to Jupiter and although I haven't been myself to theses places, their definitely on our list to go when I visit her. "Leftover's Cafe" and Jettys as others mentioned for sure. I know she likes both of these places alot.

            "Flash Grille" in Hobe Sound. - She recently went when her mom and some friends visited for the day. They all really liked it. I think she said they're only opened Thurs. -Sun now but I would call to be sure.

            "Cafe d'Artisite" in Jupiter- I know she's been several times. Although it is a french restaurant, they always have a fish entree to choose from.

            "Courtyard Grille" in Hobe Sound- upscale place but suppose to be very good.

            Oh, what I wouldn't do to eat at any of these place now or just have some seafood. When I move back to Fl., hopefully real soon, I think I'll be eating seafood almost every meal too. (I moved temporarily to a place where the seafood isn't that great and I'm missing it big time especially after living on the coast my whole life and having access to some of the best seafood all year)