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Is Grace Garden BYOB?

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I was thinking about heading up there tonight but there seems to be conflicting information on whether it is BYOB or not.

Grace Garden
1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

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  1. it is BYOB, enjoy, the food is awesome.

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    1. re: hon

      Grace Garden is a wonderful restaurant. The XO shrimp and scallops are delicious. The fish in spicy sauce is excellent and quite spicy. Their mapodofu (Pocked-marked Old Woman's Bean Curd with spicy ground meat) is also really authentic.

      Grace Garden
      1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

    2. It is unofficially byob, but they do prefer that things be kept discreet. There is a package store in the same strip that has some good soju.

      1. its byob. we were just there 2 weeks ago and had a huge banquet for 10 people. Food is over the top and you would be hard pressed to find similar items on any other chinese restaurant menu. We had Phoenix special purse, baby saute spinach, saute bok choy, fish noodles, tea smoked duck, pork belly with cabbage, pork belly with chinese peppercorns, chicken with basil, the double fried whole flounder, braised peppered short ribs of beef, the chilean sea bass with garlic, the golden shrimp and the shrimp in garlic sauce. Make sure you top it off with the chinese donuts for desert. Every dish was delicious.

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        1. re: dining with doc

          That sounds like the best meal of all time!

        2. I went there 2 months ago, asked the lovely waitress/owner if it was byob and she said "yeah if you hide it."

          Sooooo I proceeded to brown bag it under the table with some soju and makkeoli.